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[802SEC] proposed revision to IEEE 802 LMSC Operations Manual to support emergency electronic Plenary Sessions

I am hereby submitting a proposed revision to the IEEE 802 LMSC Operations Manual (OM). This notice is in accordance with OM Clause 19, which says "Revisions to the IEEE 802 LMSC OM shall be submitted by a Sponsor member to the Sponsor no less than 30 day in advance of a Sponsor Vote to approve them. The Sponsor member proposing the revision may modify the proposed revision during the 30 days prior to a Sponsor Vote (in response to comments)."

I'm open to any comments and modifications, but I want to get the clock ticking ASAP.

Here is the proposed revision:

(1) In subclause 5.1 ("Plenary sessions"), change the first paragraph:

Plenary sessions are the primary LMSC sessions. All active IEEE 802 LMSC WGs hold their plenary sessions during IEEE 802 LMSC plenary sessions.[v22]


Plenary Sessions are the primary LMSC sessions. An LMSC Plenary Session is a multiday set of meetings identified as an LMSC Plenary Session by decision of the Standards Committee. The LMSC Plenary Session venue shall be announced at least three months in advance. In exceptional cases, the Standards Committee may cancel an announced venue and may decide that the Plenary Session will be a held by electronic means on the preannounced dates per an announced time zone. All active IEEE 802 Working Groups shall hold meetings during each IEEE 802 Plenary session; only during exceptional electronic Plenary Sessions shall such meetings shall be held exclusively electronically.

(2) In clause 5 ("IEEE 802 LMSC sessions"), delete the third paragraph:

All active IEEE 802 WGs shall meet face-to-face during each IEEE 802 Plenary session. All WG meetings shall only be face-to-face, electronic meetings are not allowed. Additionally, IEEE 802 TAGs are allowed to have electronic meetings to make decisions between meetings, but such meetings do not count for participation credit. [v22]

(3) In subclause 4.1.3, change as follows:
The Sponsor IEEE 802 LMSC meets in-person during regular plenary sessions and electronically during exceptional Plenary Sessions.

Rationale: The intention of the proposal is to generalize the concept of Plenary Session to include all-electronic sessions, in case exceptional circumstances require cancellation of a venue. The changes would allow the current procedures that are tied to a Plenary Session [except those addressed in changes (2) and (3)] to proceed without update. This includes all procedures in the LMSC Policies and Procedures, which says "A plenary session is as defined in Plenary Sessions subclause of the IEEE 802 LAN/MAN Standards Committee Operations Manual," and in the WG Policies and Procedures, which says "A plenary session is as defined in the “Plenary sessions” subclause of the IEEE 802 LMSC Operations Manual." The change also removes the hard prohibition on electronic WG meetings.



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