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Re: [802SEC] Motion for today

James - can you provide some explanation for why the first part (suspending presubmission) is required? The second part is self explanatory, but presubmission would have occurred before we knew that March was going to be cancelled.

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On May 28, 2020, at 9:32 AM, James P. K. Gilb <> wrote:


I am going to make this motion at the start of the meeting today:

Moved: Due to the cancellation of the March Plenary Session due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, suspend the following rules/procedures in the IEEE 802 LMSC Operations Manual:

In Sublcause 9.2, first paragraph
 A complete proposed PAR and, if applicable,  the criteria for standards development (CSD) statement, as described in Clause 14, shall be submitted to the IEEE 802 LMSC via the IEEE 802 LMSC email reflector for review no less than 30 days prior to the day of the opening IEEE 802 LMSC meeting of an IEEE 802 LMSC plenary session.  The submittal message should include Internet links to the required submittal documents. Presence of the submittal message in the reflector archive (with time stamp) is evidence of delivery.

Subclause 9.3 Plenary Review

and be replaced with:

For PARs that had been submitted for the March 2020 Plenary Session 30 days in advance, in order to be considered for approval at the 28 May 2020 LMSC electronic meeting, the proposed PARs shall passed through the following process:

Working Groups, other than the proposing Working Group, shall express concerns to the proposing Working Group as soon as possible and shall submit comments to the proposing Working Group and the IEEE 802 LMSC by e-mail not later than May 14, 2020, AoE

The proposing Working Group shall post a response to commenting Working Group and to the IEEE 802 LMSC together with a Final PAR on a public website and circulate the relevant URL on the IEEE 802 LMSC reflector not later than May 21, 2020, AoE

From 1 May 2020 until 3 June 2020
The motion is made under the rules in section 1.1 "Suspension of the rules" of the Operations Manual regarding suspension of the rules due to "extraordinary external circumstance that prevents the ordinary conduct of business,"

James Gilb

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This email is sent from the 802 Executive Committee email reflector.  This list is maintained by Listserv.