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[802SEC] IEEE 802 LMSC Plenary Session was authorized to be held electronically

Dear 802-ALL,

As per the below passed motion, the IEEE 802 LMSC July plenary session was authorized to be held electronically. Therefore this is notice the IEEE 802 EC will electronically hold its opening plenary meeting 1-3pm EDT Friday 10 July and its closing plenary meeting 1-5pm EDT Friday 26 July. WG/TAG meetings will be held electronically between the EC meeting.

Please contact your Working Group or Technical Advisory Group Chairs for detailed electronic meeting schedules during the electronic July 2020 IEEE 802 LMSC plenary session.



------ Forwarded Message ------
From: "James P. K. Gilb" <>
Sent: 6/12/2020 3:24:52 PM
Subject: Re: [802SEC] +++ EC Early Close Motion to modify IEEE 802 LMSC Operations Manual


Sufficient votes have been received in order to determine the results of the motion.

The motion was taken under subclause 1.1 Suspension of the rules in the IEEE 802 LMSC Operations Manual (v23)

"In case of an extraordinary external circumstance that prevents the ordinary conduct of business, suspension or modification of any IEEE 802 LMSC Operations Manual procedure for a specified period of time, is permitted subject to approval by a motion with 2/3 of IEEE 802 LMSC voting members voting approve. Any suspension or modification by this process expires no later than the 120 days after the approval of the motion."

The tally is:
Position		Vote
1st Vice Chair		Approve
2nd Vice Chair		Approve
Treasurer		Approve
Executive Secretary	Approve
Recording Secretary	Approve
802.1 WG Chair		Approve	
802.3 WG Chair		Approve
802.11 WG Chair		Approve
802.15 WG Chair		DNV
802.18 TAG Chair	Approve
802.19 WG Chair		Approve
802.24 TAG Chair	Approve
Approve: 11, Disapprove: 0, DNV: 2	

The motion passes.

James Gilb

On 5/26/20 3:25 PM, James P. K. Gilb wrote:

Paul has designated me to run the following electronic ballot:

Moved: To approve document ec--19-0047-06 as the IEEE 802 LMSC Operations Manual.

Moved: Gilb, Second: D'Ambrosia

As this is an urgent matter (it needs to be resolved prior to the May 28th conference call so that we can approve PARs on that call), the ballot will be closed once sufficient response is received to clearly decide the matter.

Additional information:
The link to the document on mentor is:

This motion is taken under clause 11.0 of the IEEE 802 LMSC Policies and Procedures (newly revised,  The ballot requires a 2/3 vote of LMSC members.  We have 13 voting members, 2/3 is 9 affirmative votes.

James Gilb

------ Forwarded Message ------
From: "James P. K. Gilb" <>
Sent: 6/10/2020 7:18:40 PM
Subject: [802SEC] +++ EC Early Close Motion to schedule July electronic plenary


Paul has authorized me to run the following early close motion:

Moved: Due to the change of the July 2020 Plenary Session due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, suspend the following rules/procedures in the IEEE 802 LMSC Operations Manual From 11 June 2020 until 5 August 2020:

Suspend 4.1.3: Meetings
“The IEEE 802 LMSC meets in-person during plenary sessions.”

Suspend: 4.1.4 Procedure for limiting the length of the IEEE 802 sponsor meetings d) “The opening IEEE 802 LMSC meeting shall start at 8:00 a.m. and end no later than 10:30 a.m. on Monday morning and the closing IEEE 802 LMSC meeting shall start at 1:00 p.m. and shall end no later than 6:00 p.m. on Friday of the plenary session”

and replace with:
"For the July 2020 plenary session, the opening IEEE 802 LMSC meeting for the shall be held on 7/10/20 from 1:00-3:00 pm EDT and the closing IEEE 802 LMSC meeting shall be held on 7/24/20 from 1:00-5:00 pm EDT"

Suspend: 5. IEEE 802 LMSC sessions
"All Working Group meetings during each Plenary Session shall be exclusively in-person."

Moved: Gilb, seconded: D'Ambrosia

Background: An analysis of the rules can be found in:

1) This is the first plenary of an even numbered year, so officer and appointed positions at the WG and the LMSC expire. Elections should be held and appointments made. For LMSC members, the affiliation and endorsement letters are required for confirmation. 2) Each WG and TAG Chair will determine via their agenda (already in WG P&P and by practice) - Meetings during the plenary session that may be used for participation credit - Number of meetings during the plenary session required to make 100% attendance 3) Note that a WG or TAG is not required to meet every day during the plenary session. Groups with many overlaps and limited "good" teleconference time will have more days to hold meetings 4) Attendees will be able to gain, maintain and lose voting membership via attendance at the meetings during the week as if it were a face to face plenary.
5) As this is a plenary, no quorum is required for any WG meeting.
6) Study groups will need to be rechartered.
7) PARs will be handled via the process voted on during the June 2, 2020 call 8) Any IEEE 802 LMSC business not completed on 7/24/20 and PAR approvals will be taken up on the August 4, 2020 teleconference.
9) We have no ICAIDs or appeals to deal with during this meeting.

James Gilb

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This email is sent from the 802 Executive Committee email reflector.  This list is maintained by Listserv.