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[802SEC] Suggested forms of questions from Treasurer for Working Groups and TAGs

Chairs – with regards to the questions for your groups, I suggest the following questions be asked.  It will help us to collate the results, and to focus the responses.  Please pay attention to the discrete choices given, because free-form results could make understanding the answers difficult.

Thank you,




1. Given that IEEE 802 incurs significant expenses cancelling (plenary) face-to-face meetings, it has been suggested that a meeting fee might be charged for attendance at electronic meetings substituting for those face-to-face plenaries.  What would you consider the highest reasonable and fair registration fee range to be: (select one)

a. $800-$500

b. $500-$300

c. $150-$300

d. My employer/sponsor is unwilling to pay meeting fees for electronic meetings.


2. Once government and company restrictions have been lifted, what do you perceive as the reasonable number of face to face meetings (plenaries and interims) per year?

6 (pre-2020 amount, 3 plenaries, 3 interims):

(below, the division between plenaries and interims is TBD)



< 3:


George Zimmerman, Ph.D.

President & Principal

CME Consulting, Inc.

Experts in Advanced PHYsical Communications



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