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Re: [802SEC] Proposal - Nov Plenary Update

See below

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From: James P. K. Gilb <> 
Sent: Friday, July 24, 2020 12:42 PM
Subject: Re: [802SEC] Proposal - Nov Plenary Update


Have you collected feedback from every WG and TAG regarding what their
wishes are for the July Plenary?

If not, we should do that prior to making the motions, in case any changes
would need to be made to the proposed times and dates.

Key questions:
1) Is EDT the best time for the plenary meetings?
  (of course the WGs, TGs and TFs can schedule meetings at any times, they
are not bound by the EC's choice for the opening and closing).

I have spoke to a couple and saw the feedback on the reflector.
2) Is 9 days sufficient time to respond to the PAR/ICAID comments and hold
the necessary WG vote (either at electronic meeting or by electronic
It is now 7 days - tues to Tuesday

3) Is 1 day sufficient time for the commenting WG to to review and respond
to the changes from the proposing WG?

4) The duration for the WGs is about 12 days, is that sufficient or should
we start the November meeting earlier to allow more time for the WGs, for
example, we could hold the EC opening on Wednesday 4 if the WGs wanted more
time to hold meetings during the plenary.

I heard mentioned that there is a SASB meeting on November 20, all I see on
Jon's helpful calendar is the BOD meeting, which doesn't affect us.

Can you remind me what the meeting is on 11/20/20 that conflicts with a
potential 802 EC meeting?
Paul Nikolich the chair has to attend the meeting.

We kind of ignored this last time, but are we going to allow tutorials for
November?  They are in the Chair's Guidelines, but if we are all about
clarity, then we should resolve that as well.  Normally the call for
tutorials would start at the end of our meeting today.
Not addressed in the proposal.

James Gilb

On 7/24/20 7:28 AM, John D'Ambrosia wrote:
> All,
> I updated the proposal based on Glenn's feedback.  In addition I found 
> some issues with the dates (PAR submittal date was 28 days instead of 
> 30 days in front of EC meeting) so had to correct respective dates
> ieee-8
> 02-nov-2020-electronic-plenary.pptx
> Regards,
> John
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