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[802SEC] formal temporary appointment to fill the 802.15 Chair, Vice Chair and Wireless Chairs Standing Committee positions

Dear 802 EC Members,

This notice is to inform you that I appointed Pat Kinney to serve as Temporary 802.15 WG Chair and Rick Alfvin to serve as Temporary 802.15 WG Vice Chair until elections can be held sometime within the next six months.  I also appointed Dorothy Stanley to serve as the Wireless Chairs Standing Committee Chair.



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From: "Paul Nikolich" <>
To: "" <>; "Rick Alfvin" <>
Cc: "Heile Bob Ph.,D" <>
Sent: 9/17/2020 6:09:18 PM
Subject: formal temporary appointment to fill the 802.15 Chair and Vice Chair positions

Dear Pat and Rick,

On the basis of the 802.15 WG affirming your filling of the 802.15 Chair and Vice Chair roles as "input from the WG" as per the IEEE 802 WG P&P 3.2 Temporary Appointments,  I formally appoint you to fill the 802.15 Chair and Vice Chair positions.  Thank you for agreeing to serve, pending elections for the vacated offices. I'm confident the WG is in good hands.  

You may wish to announce the formal temporary appointments at your closing plenary meeting tomorrow.  I'll try to participate, but I have conflicting meetings and will be limited in my ability to join the meeting.

I know you both are well experienced, but never the less, please carefully review and familiarize yourselves with the responsibilities of the Chair and Vice Chair as specified in the 802 WG P&P  If there is anything you need assistance with, please let me know.

I will announce the temporary appointments to the 802 EC after tomorrow's 802.15 WG closing plenary meeting.  I'll also have an Information Item at the 06 Oct 2020 802 EC meeting to announce the temporary appointments.  I'd like you to prepare a slide or two on the plan for elections to fill the vacated offices for the remaining portion of the 2020/2021/2022 term and explain the plan to your 802 EC colleagues.

Bob, I sincerely thank you for all the time, effort and energy you've given to 802, it is much appreciated.  802 is fortunate to have participants such as yourself.

Best Regards,


3.2 Temporary Appointments to Vacancies
If an office other than the Chair or Vice Chair becomes vacant for any reason (such as resignation, removal, lack of nomination at an election), a temporary appointment shall be made by the Chair for a period of up to six months. In the case of Chair or Vice Chair, the Sponsor Chair shall make the temporary appointment, with input from the Working Group. An appointment or election for the vacated office shall be made in accordance with the requirements
in Clause 3.0 and 3.1 at the earliest practical time.

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From: "" <>
To: "Paul Nikolich" <>
Cc: "Heile Bob Ph.,D" <>; "Rick Alfvin" <>
Sent: 9/15/2020 10:52:07 AM
Subject: Re: 802.15 and Wireless Chairs standing committee

Hi Paul;

On the 802.15 WG opening call I asked for affirmation as acting chair and for Rick as the sole vice chair, there were no comments nor objections

Sincerely,  Pat

Pat Kinney
Kinney Consulting LLC
IEEE 802.15 WG vice chair, IEEE 802.15 SC chair, IEEE 802.15.12 chair
ISA100 co-chair, ISA100.20 chair
M: +1.847.997.3775
O: +1.847.960.3715

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