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[802SEC] 802.1 WG electronic ballots - ePolls - SC6


To progress work items outside a plenary 802.1 WG meeting we are using ePolls.  This set is for communications to SC6 and will be presented to the EC on October 6th.  Please vote as a quorum is required for electronic voting between meetings.

It should be noted that the ongoing retention of 802.1 voting rights is predicated on active participation in Working Group ballots (and each of these ePolls is considered a WG ballot). Active participation is defined to be returning ballot responses in two out of the last three Working Group ballots. The 802 WG Rules allow abstention for any cause other than "lack of technical expertise" to be treated as though it were a failure to respond to a ballot.

The ePolls are available here for WG voting members: 

New 802.1 WG electronic ballots on ePoll:

  51 - SC6 liaison 802.1Qcc
  52 - SC6 liaison 802.1AS 

Previous 802.1 WG electronic ballots on ePoll:

  47 - P802.1Qcz to SA ballot
  48 - P802.1Qcz CSD
  49 - P802.1CS to RevCom
  50 - P802.1CS CSD

You have to login with your IEEE account to vote.   Only 802.1 WG voting members ( can vote.  Please let me know if you have any issues.


Glenn Parsons
Chair, IEEE 802.1 WG

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