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[802SEC] +++ EC Consent Agenda - 802.11 Items for 2020-11-13 November Closing Plenary

Dear EC members,


Please see the 802.11 Revision PAR and RCM SG consent agenda item requests below.


Let me know of any questions,







Motion: P802.11REVme PAR

       Approve forwarding P802.11REVme PAR documentation in to NesCom

       Revision PAR, no CSD required, Rules reference: 48 Hour Rule - OM - “Procedure for PARs”

       In the WG, PAR (y/n/a): <y>,<n>,<a>;

       Moved: Stanley

       Second: Rosdahl



Motion: WG11 RCM SG Extension

       Approve the second rechartering of the RCM [Random and Changing MAC Address] Study Group

       In the WG, (y/n/a): <y>,<n>,<a>;

       Supporting information: P802.11bh and P802.11bi PARs are before EC for approval to forward to NesCom/SASB

       Moved: Stanley

       Second: Rosdahl



Dorothy Stanley

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

+1 630-363-1389


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