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[802SEC] ***anticipated 802 EC meeting agenda items for the upcoming Plenary***

Dear 802 Executive Committee Members,

Please send our humble recording secretary and me your anticipated 802 EC meeting agenda items for the upcoming Plenary:

  1. establishment of new Study Groups, SG renewals and other pre-PAR activities
  2. draft PARs to NesCom
  3. drafts to Sponsor Ballot
  4. drafts to RevCom
  5. maintenance PARs
  6. press releases
  7. liaison letters
  8. regulatory communications
  9. policy and procedures
  10. action item status
  11. ..and any other items appropriate for the 802 EC meeting agendas.


Please provide the information as soon as possible, it helps us prepare the opening/closing EC meeting agendas and gives your fellow EC members advanced notice of decisions they are expected to make.


It would be appreciated if you added the following to the beginning of the subject field to help with sorting – “ *** November 2020 Agenda *** “.
Thank you and regards,



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