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[802SEC] FW: [802.19] EC Document on Chairs Guidelines - Scope of CA Document



                I mention at the 802.19 WG Opening that the 802 Rules Committee discussed the proposed new section of the Chairs Guidelines on the Scope of the CA Document.


                There was a request for a redline showing the difference between the original submission and the current text.  I attempted to do a redline and I email it to the Dot19 email reflector.  Steve Palm edited that document and made some suggestions, and also embedded some questions.


                I wanted to forward this to you for your consideration.  Please consider his input.  If you make any updates to your document, please notify me so I can notify the Dot19 WG.





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Thanks - that was helpful - but there are a few more questions -embedded.


I also tried to do a word for word comparison - is it correct?


On 10/30/2020 11:50 AM, Steve Shellhammer wrote:

> All,


>                  Yesterday, the IEEE 802 Rules committee considered

> the recommended text on the Chairs Guidelines on “The Scope of the

> Coexistence Assessment Document.”  The text was edited based on discussions at the Rules committee.


>                  The 802 Rules chair posted a document, that includes

> the edited text on Slide 3 of the attached document.


>                  The 802 Executive Committee will consider and vote on

> these rules changes at the EC closing on November 13.


>                  I wanted to make sure that the 802.19 members and

> participants could see this document before it is considered at the EC Closing meeting.


> Regards,


> Steve


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