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Re: [802SEC] 802 restructuring ad hoc 19JAN21 meeting notes

Action Item 1 says:
Geoff Thompson and Roger Marks to draft an 802 Core Mission Statement for circulation on the 802 EC reflector not later than 29 January 2021

Geoff and I drafted a statement that tries to distill the discussion. Our focus is a technical description:

IEEE 802 develops and maintain standards specifying data link and physical layer protocols to support packet transmission and delivery among network-layer clients.
  • Protocols are specified for various physical channels with sufficient detail to allow multivendor interoperability across the interfaces to the communication medium.
  • Interoperability is also specified for transmission of network-layer packets via a set of data links.
  • Supplementary specifications detail related functionality, including control, management, channel coexistence, and power distribution.
  • Supporting outputs include future-looking documentation, standards body interactions, and regulatory contributions.


On Jan 20, 2021, 5:13 PM -0700, Paul Nikolich , wrote:
Dear 802 restructuring ad hoc participants,

The meeting notes from yesterday's 19JAN21 meeting are available at for your review and comment.



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