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[802SEC] SA support for hybrid meetings -- status update request

Dear Erin,

At the December 802/SA task force meeting you took the action to ask Adam Newman if the SA can support hybrid meetings for the 802 LMSC.  Please provide an update on the status of that discussion.

Thank you and regards,


excerpt from the meeting notes

c.    hybrid meetings – no plans to support from the SA,
Erin Action Item – will ask Adam Newman if this is something that can be supported?
-- should begin investigation immediately
-- plenary’s have professional audio support
-- need to keep in mind, we need to support many simultaneous meetings, this could become prohibitively expensive
-- things have changed this year, hybrid capabilities have improved a lot recently, we need to kick off a study
-- hybrid meetings are a reality we need to pay attention to.  A list of requirements should be developed – what are we looking for?
-- we need to understand the capabilities of hybrid meeting platforms, we need to kick off an examination of hybrid meeting requirements and viability.

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