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Re: [802SEC] 802.15 WG has completed its Officer elections

Congrats to All!  Dawn
Dawn Slykhouse, President
Face To Face Events, Inc.
T: +1-949-514-8004

The 802.15 WG has completed its officer election process followed by a WG affirmation of the four officers:

802.15 Chair: Pat Kinney
802.15 Vice Chairs: Rick Alfvin, Clint Powell, and Phil Beecher
802.15 Secretary: Clint Powell

A 10-day electronic ballot was sent to 802.15 voting members prior to the March Plenary session. This ballot contained only one candidate for each position of chair, operational vice chair and secretary, however there were two candidates for the position of technical vice chair.   

The ballot results were unanimous for the unchallenged positions, but was a tie for the technical vice chair position.  All candidates along with the WG agreed that the best solution to the tie vote for technical vice chair position was to divide all vice chair responsibilities into three vice chair positions, with Rick Alfvin being the vice chair to take over the chair duties if required by absence of the chair.  I note that the 802.15 WG Operation Manual allows for this solution by not stating a limit on the number of vice chairs.

Further details on this election and tie resolution may be found at 15-21-0146-01.

Sincerely,  Pat

Pat Kinney
Kinney Consulting LLC
IEEE 802.15 WG chair, IEEE 802.15 SCm chair, IEEE 802.15.12 chair
ISA100 co-chair, ISA100.20 chair
M: +1.847.997.3775
O: +1.847.960.3715

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