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[802SEC] uploaded closing treasurer's report

I have uploaded the closing treasurer’s report focused on the motion to authorize a meeting fee for the July 2021 plenary. (ec-21-0073-00-00EC.pdf)

Also note that the table of costs presented has been corrected.  I found an error in the spreadsheet used, and it is corrected both in rev 4 of the opening report and in the closing.

While I believe (and will be moving) a $50 per head fee, I would not be opposed to an amendment up to $100. However, I believe the numbers from the past and projected justify the $50 level.  The difference itself does not significantly go towards rebuilding reserves, and I would not present the fee as in any way setting precedent for any possible future hybrid meeting, which would have an entirely different cost structure.  With the increased attendance in electronic meetings hopefully we can keep the attendance above the nominal 700 seen at face-to-face meetings.


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