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[802SEC] P802.1ABcu to SA ballot



At the March 2021 plenary, conditional approval was granted to forward P802.1ABcu Station and Media Access Control Connectivity Discovery Amendment: YANG Data Model to Standards Association ballot. The summary of the conditions from the IEEE 802 LMSC Operations Manual Clause 12 'Procedure for conditional approval to forward a draft standard' are as follows:


a) The recirculation balloting is complete. The third recirculation ballot occurred in accordance to the plan presented.


b) The approval rate is 100%. 


c) No technical changes have been made.


d) There are no new valid DISAPPROVE votes  


e) There are no new invalid DISAPPROVE votes which require details to the Sponsor.


f) The last recirc closed on May 21st vote  and comment resolution was held on June 7th.    25 new editorial comments were reviewed and all were rejected as not being in scope of the recirculation.  The comment disposition can be found here:

Disposition of Ballot Comments on IEEE P802.1ABcu/D1.5 (


Based on the above I will forward IEEE P802.1ABcu to Standards Association ballot.






Glenn Parsons

Chair, IEEE 802.1 WG



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