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[802SEC] +++ EC 5 Day Review +++ Liaison letters to ITU-T

Dear EC members,
At the IEEE 802.3 closing plenary meeting on Thursday 22nd July 2021, the IEEE 802.3 Working Group approved sending the following liaison letters to ITU-T. Based on this I'm announcing the start of the five-day review required by subclause 8.2.2 'Sponsor subgroup communications with government bodies' of the IEEE 802 LMSC Operations Manual for statements not presented for review in a sponsor meeting. The draft letters can be accessed as follows and if there is no motion to block made before Monday 2nd August 2021 23:59 AOE I will go ahead and send the letters.
Thanks and best regards,


IEEE 802.3 liaison reply to ITU-T SG5 on ITU K.147:
URL: <> 
Marked up version of ITU-T K.147 (06/20): <>
Working Group vote: Y: 87, N: 0, A: 4


IEEE 802.3 liaison reply to ITU-T SG9 on ITU-T J.HiNoC3-REQ
URL: <>
Working Group vote: Y: 118, N: 0, A: 1


IEEE 802.3 liaison letter to ITU-T SG15 on IEEE P802.3cs
URL: <>
Working Group vote: Y: 133, N: 0, A: 2

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