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Re: [802SEC] Final check on who submitted comments on IEEE 802.15.3ma PAR

I am looking for the response from 802.15 on the comments received on the 802.15.3ma PAR.
You note in your email that you had received comments from Bob Grow/802.3 and 802.11/Jon Rosdahl.
You should have an email on the stds-802-SEC reflector by the deadline of Nov 17th (AOE) with the official response.

I will note I received a question from Thomas that I responded to, but that is not the required 802.15 PAR Comment Response.

Without the response, the rules indicate that your PAR is not ready for motion during the 802 Closing plenary.


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On Thu, Nov 11, 2021 at 9:21 AM Pat Kinney <> wrote:
Dear EC members;

According to my email, the only comments that I have received on the IEEE 802.15.3ma PAR/CSD are as follows:

IEEE P802.3df PAR: IEEE 802.3/Bob Grow
When 802.3 reviewed the 802.15ma PAR, we briefly discussed the rule on CSD requirements.  When I personally reviewed the 802.15.3ma PAR, it hit me that my similar assumption that a CSD was not required might be wrong.  Though most of us know significant new functionality is in scope for a revision project under SA rules, and such new functionality may be introduced during balloting and not known at the time a revision PAR is created,  the appropriateness for a CSD response is ambiguous between historical application of the rules and the exact text in the rules.  What made me personally not propose a similar “CSD not required” comment was going back and reading the rule after seeing that a new frequency band was planned to be added in the revision, I think 802.15 was wise to include a CSD based on the text of the exemption to a CSD in LMSC Operations Manual 9.2:  
"PARs that which introduce no new functionality are exempt from the requirement to provide a CSD statement." 
They plan to add new functionality and therefore per my reading of the above sentence are not exempt.  I think it was very appropriate for them to fill out a CSD per the rules.

IEEE P802.15.3ma PAR/CSD: 802.11/Jon Rosdahl
802.15ma - Standard for High Data Rate Wireless Multi-Media Networks - Revision to IEEE Standard 802.15.3-2016, PAR and CSD
2.1 – NesCom Conventions states 
  “For PARs for new projects, standards developers who use general terms to represent ranges (e.g. high, medium, low) within the title, scope, or purpose, must numerically define such ranges where they first appear (title, scope, or purpose, as applicable). Any exception to this must be explained.”
  So, the title should be considered to be updated to include the range that the revision will cover.  As 802.15 is now not just Low data rate or personal area networks, the title should be updated to include a range per convention.  
5.5 Properly cite “802.15.3d, 802.15.3e and 80.15.3f” ..e.g. IEEE std 802.15.3d…”
8.1  Please list the full Standard name for those standards cited in the PAR:
5.5 Standards cited in the PAR:
802.15.3d, 802.15.3e and 80.15.3f.
IEEE Std. 802.1D-2004,
IEEE Std. 802.1Q
CSD: Not required for Revision Projects. – Thanks for the effort.

If anyone else believes they sent comments that I did not receive please could you let me know ASAP?

Sincerely,  Pat

Pat Kinney
Kinney Consulting LLC
IEEE 802.15 WG chair, IEEE 802.15.12 chair
ISA100 co-chair, ISA100.20 chair
M: +1.847.997.3775
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