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[802SEC] Technical Plenary



As indicated during the December 2nd  technical plenary, we will hold at least two more 802.1 technical plenaries to continue a wider discussion on the 802 Overview & Architecture, as well as address cross 802 issues.  This will be January 13th and March 3rd.


As suggested, a survey of attendees was held to determine a suitable time slot.  The most popular view of the respondents was to start at 9am ET – 15 UTC.


In addition, this would provide the opportunity to discuss technical points across all WGs, for example:

•             MAC address privacy

•             Data privacy

•             Protocol IDs and their encoding – Length/Type and LLC

Topics for discussion are invited and should be proposed to the 802.1 WG chair.  Additional topics for the second meeting will be posted 14 days in advance.

Attendance is open to all 802 WG participants. To ensure all WGs are represented, 802 WG chairs are invited to identify at least one voting member to attend the technical plenary.

I would encourage you to inform your WGs about the technical plenary:






Glenn Parsons

Chair, IEEE 802.1 WG



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