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Re: [802SEC] July Waiver

Clint – after some offline discussions with a colleague at GM, I am a little confused as to whether this needs a fee waiver (allowing attendance in general) or whether this is allowed as making a specific-topic requested presentation to the WG via electronic attendance which is allowed at the discretion of the WG chair under section 5 (2nd paragraph) of the 802 LMSC Operations Manual:


Under section 5 (IEEE 802 LMSC sessions) of the IEEE 802 LMSC Operations Manual, the following is allowed, which looks like the case here:


The Working Group Chair may designate specific individual experts who are allowed to

participate in Working Group discussions via electronic means during a face-to-face meeting for

the benefit of the group. These individuals are not considered to be attending the meeting and so

they are not required to pay meeting fees and they do not get participation credit. The

participation of these individuals should be limited to specific technical topics. Such participation

shall be documented in the minutes of the Working Group meeting.



-can you clarify?


If you think it still needs a fee waiver, I would request we pull from the consent agenda for brief discussion, if it doesn’t need a fee waiver, then it doesn’t need to be on the consent agenda.  However, in either case, if it is truly just to provide a remote presentation on a limited topic at the request of the WG, and not for general attendance at the session (perhaps in exchange for the presentation), then I don’t see a problem with the request.




From: ***** IEEE 802 Executive Committee List ***** <> On Behalf Of Clint Powell
Sent: Thursday, June 23, 2022 8:36 AM
Subject: [802SEC] July Waiver



I have one waiver request for the July Plenary opening EC agenda.  If possible, I would request to add this to the consent agenda.


Motion:  Approve the following fee waiver for the July IEEE 802 Plenary

Moved:  Clint Powell

Second:  Jon Rosdahl





Lakshmi Thanayankizil


Feature Owner - Connectivity at General Motors

Present on trends on vehicle wireless connectivity in 1) the WG15 WNG and/or 2) the TG6ma sessions which is working on a draft amendment for VAN/BAN networks.



Best Regards,
Clint Powell

IEEE 802.15 WG - Chair

Meta Platforms - Wireless Standards Consultant


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