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[802SEC] Penalties for non-payment of registration fees

Dear IEEE 802 EC members,

I have a very long-standing action item (my bad) to chair an ad hoc to consider extending the penalties for non-payment of registration fees with regards to attendance at meetings. Currently, subclause 5.5 'Registration policy' of IEEE 802 LMSC Operations Manual says 'In order for an individual to become registered for a given IEEE 802 LMSC Plenary Session or Interim Session of an IEEE 802 LMSC subgroup, the individual shall a) Have complied with the registration requirements for all previously attended IEEE 802 LMSC Plenary Sessions and Interim Sessions of IEEE 802 LMSC subgroups, including payment of any required registration fees ...'. As a result, non-payment of registration fees has no impact on an individual's ability to attend the numerous teleconference meetings that are now being held.

I'd therefore first like to understand if there is any appetite within the IEEE 802 EC for the proposal to change the rules to expand the penalties to prohibit attendance at all meetings, including meetings that do not require registration. If there is an appetite to do this, I'll set up the ad hoc to consider the details of extending the penalties, if there isn't, I don't think there is much point setting up the ad hoc.

Please could you, therefore, let me know your thoughts on this proposal.

Thanks and best regards,

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