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   IEEE SCC41Operating Procedures [Draft v.3.0, 27 July 2007]

   IEEE SCC41 Minutes

IEEE 1900.1

IEEE 1900.2

IEEE 1900.3

IEEE 1900.4

IEEE 1900.5

IEEE 1900.6

IEEE 1900.A

Meeting Information

Members Only Area (All Projects)

Cognitive Radio Information Center


Responsibilities of IEEE Standards Coordinating Committee 41 (Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks)

  • Developing proposed IEEE standards within the scope of the Committee
  • Voting on approval of proposed IEEE standards within its scope (PAR Approval)
  • Upon request of the SCC 41 Executive Committee, review and approve draft standards for readiness to go to sponsor ballot
  • Upon request of the Executive Committee, provide readiness reviews of draft standards
  • Maintaining the standards developed by the Committee in accordance with the IEEE-SA Standards Board Operations Manual
  • Responding to requests for interpretations of the standards developed by the Committee
  • Approve subgroup policies and procedures
  • Acting on other matters requiring Committee effort as provided in these procedures
  • Cooperating with other appropriate standards development organizations
  • Protecting against actions taken in the name of the committee without committee authorization
  • Reporting annually to the IEEE-SA Standards Board
  • Communicating with the IEEE-SA Standards Board on specific SCC activities as needed

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