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This site is maintained for the use of the IEEE/AESS Gyro and Accelerometer Panel in the development and maintenance of industry standards for inertial sensors and systems.

It has public areas, which may be of use to persons interested in the work of the panel, the scope of its activities, and to provide information that may be of general interest.

There are private areas, accessible by password only, which contain unapproved meeting minutes, drafts of standards, and other working materials. This information is not considered suitable for general distribution, as it has not as yet been approved as an industry standard.

A presentation to the IEEE Sierra Vista Section in July 1999 describes our structure and method of working.

This 2014 presentation describes what the GAP is and why a company or individual should support it.


Public Areas

The public areas that have been established are:


Private Areas

The private areas, accessible by password, are:

Follow the GAP (Info Only Members)

Standards Development (Members and Voting Members)


Panel Information

Charter and Organization


Tri-Fold Handout

Panel Operating Procedures

Committee Operating Procedures

Membership Application

Panel History

Standards maintained by or being developed by the panel

A paper titled "Proposed IEEE Coriolis Vibratory Gyro Standard and Other Inertial Sensor Standards" was presented at IEEE PLANS 2002.

A paper titled "Proposed IEEE Inertial Systems Terminology Standard and Other Inertial Sensor Standards" was presented at IEEE PLANS 2004.

Last updated April 19, 2021


Contact Information

Office Name Email
Panel Chair Randy Curey
Panel Vice Chair Jason Bingham
IEEE Liaison Randy Curey


Please do not request copies of documents in preparation. They are not releasable outside the working group until the "industry survey" phase of the approval cycle. If you have an interest in being placed on the industry survey distribution list to comment on a document in preparation, please check the Announcements

Last updated February 16, 2022




Last updated February 16, 2022


Meeting Schedule

Panel meetings are open to all interested persons. If you are not on the mailing list and wish to attend a meeting, please contact either the meeting host or one of the panel officers. This will enable you to obtain information on accommodations and the meeting venue and permit better planning of the meeting and the no-host dinner at the end of the first meeting day.

Date Venue Contact
September 12/13, 2022 Virtual via Webex
8:30 AM PDT
Randall Curey
November 14/15, 2022 Sandia National Labs
Albuquerque, NM
Jason Bingham
January 23/24, 2023 Virtual via Webex
8:30 AM PST
Randall Curey

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