IEEE-SA Standards Board Bylaws Change Process

Changes made to the IEEE-SA Standards Board Bylaws are subject to approval by the IEEE-SA Board of Governors. Normally these changes are recommended by a committee of the Standards Board and then voted on by the Standards Board. If approved by the Standards Board, a recommendation is forwarded to the IEEE-SA Board of Governors for consideration.

Members of the IEEE-SA Board of Governors and the IEEE-SA Standards Board and its committees have a duty to make decisions in the best interests of the IEEE. In the case of changes to the IEEE-SA Patent Policy, the value of the proposed changes in addressing potential abuse and other problems under the existing policy must be weighed against the risk that a new policy might have unintended negative consequences such as enabling different kinds of abuses, or discouraging participation in IEEE standardization.

It is the responsibility of the IEEE Standards Association to act in the best interests of the IEEE. Therefore, while achieving broad agreement by all interested constituencies remains a laudable goal, there is no requirement that all materially affected parties reach consensus about any proposed changes.
Last update 9th August 2013
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