PatCom Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) comment submission

The PatCom FAQ comment entry spreadsheet must be used for the submission of comments on the FAQ draft. Use of the spreadsheet, including providing a rationale for each change requested, is required in order for your comments to be considered in a systematic manner. For this reason an edited copy of a document will not be considered.

PatCom FAQ comment entry spreadsheet download and use instructions:

  1. Download the PatCom FAQ comment entry spreadsheet.
  2. Fill in your user information and begin commenting.

Comment entry instructions:

  1. Select the Category from the drop down list.
    Substantive(S): Commenter is suggesting a substantive change to the draft.
    Editorial(E): Commenter is suggesting an editorial change to the draft.

  2. In the FAQ# column enter the FAQ number associated with the comment.

  3. In the Line column enter the line number associated with the comment. If the comment spans multiple lines, enter the line number associated with the first occurrence. Enter the line number of the other occurrences in the comment field.

  4. In the Comment column enter your comment. This should give a rationale for the change.

  5. In the Proposed Change column enter the proposed text to remedy the comment.

Feedback on the comment spreadsheet can be emailed to
Last update 11th November 2014
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