IEEE 1564 Voltage Sag Indices Task Force

IEEE Std 1564-2014 Guide for Voltage Sag Indices identifies voltage sag indices and characteristics of electrical power and supply systems as well as the methods for their calculation. IEEE 1564 includes methods for quantifying the severity of individual voltage sag events, for quantifying the performance at a specific location via single-site indices, and for quantifying the system performance via system indices. The methods are appropriate for use in transmission, distribution, and utilization electric power systems.

Project Status

IEEE Std 1564-2014 was published on 2014-06-20 and is active until 2024 December 31. The IEEE PES Power Quality Subcommittee has requested the IEEE P1564 Task Force to begin the revision of IEEE Std 1564 no later than August 2021.

Next Meeting

The task force normally meets with the working groups and task forces of the IEEE PES Power Quality Subcommittee twice per year:
  1. At the IEEE PES Joint Technical Committee Meeting each year in January
  2. At the IEEE PES General Meeting each year in July or August

Task Force Officers

Chair Secretary
Francisc Zavoda
1800, boul. Lionel-Boulet
Varennes, Quebec J3X 1S1
Dan Sabin
Schneider Electric
800 Federal Street
Andover, Massachusetts, 01810

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