ATML Demo Walkthrough

Loading ATML Demo AutotestCon 2010 - Architecure

Phase III

The ATML demonstrations use core components to share information across traditional ATE platforms and in-circuit testers

Goals of the Demonstration

The goal is to show the expanding use of ATML across various test systems. The demonstrations are a combination of systems using ATML.  This, along with panel presentations, shows how ATML has been used on real programs and systems.  The demonstrations consist of:
·        Using ATML with a real UUT, ITA and Test Program on new systems
·        Integrating ATML with other test standards, such as MAI with actual diagnostics, for historical recording and comparison of results
The demonstrations utilize the Army’s NGATS system, hosting ATML with TYX SigBase and PAWS. ATML has been integrated to produce test results, which are then used by in-circuit testers to diagnose down to component faults.  The results are then fed back using ATML Test Results.