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1671 "Dot" Standards

Below are the "dot" standards, named dot because they contain 1671, a dot, then a number, e.g. dot 1 refers to 1671.1, dot 2 refers to 1671.2, etc. Each dot standard describes a stand-alone topic. For instance, a Test Station ATML file can be created without knowing anything about any ITAs or UUTs.

1671.1 Test Description & Test Results

Describes the UUT test program. ATML is not intended to be executed on a test station. It is a description document that can be used to create source to run on a test station. Here are some major items contained in this file:

  • name of the UUT being tested,
  • test description per group, test or action (such as apply power),
  • signal information,
  • DC and AC power requirements,
  • test numbers/sequences/entry points,
  • test results,
  • pins, ports, connectors and their functions (such as input /output power, ground, RS232, digital ground lines,etc.),
  • UUT power requirements,
  • interface requirements,
  • Fault detection and isolation (failure modes),
  • test conditions,
  • support equipment to locate faults,
  • diagnostic requirements.

1671.2 Instrument Description & Instance

Instrument Description describes a single instrument, which can be a real, synthetic, virtual, or composite instrument.  Here are some items contained in this file:
  • physical characteristics,
  • serial numbers,
  • make,
  • model,
  • capabilities.

1671.3 UUT Description & Instance

UUT description describes a UUT. Name, part number, model number, type, power requirements, interfaces, physical properties, and operational requirements. Here are some major items contained in this file:

  • UUT interface,
  • test points,
  • components,
  • schematic interconnects.

1671.4 Test Configuration

Test Configuration describes the hardware, software and documentation used to test a UUT on a particular ATS.  ATML Test Configuration could be used to produce a report that an operator could use as a checklist of items to have in place before testing. Here are some major items contained in this file:
  • test equipment used
  • UUTs tested
  • test program elements

1671.5 Test Adapter Description & Instance

Test Adapter describes the interface between the Test Station and UUT. It includes physical and electrical characteristics, capabilities and performance.  Here are some major items contained in this file:

  • test station capabilities provided through the test adapter,
  • edge connectors,
  • pin-to-pin wiring,
  • point-to-point netlist,
  • path resistance
  • cables,
  • wires,
  • contacts
  • relays

1671.6 Test Station Description & Instance

Test Station describes the instruments in the test station, physical and electrical characteristics, paths between test system ports, instrument tolerances and accuracy of a test station. Here are some major items contained in this file:

  • List of instruments,
  • serial numbers,
  • calibration information,
  • location,
  • operational history,
  • switching,
  • capabilities,
  • power requirements,
  • terminal blocks,
  • relays.