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RE: Meeting Start Time


For those planning to attend the meetings, I just found out that when
you arrive at the Lockheed facility, you do not have to stop at the
visitor center. Thus, it should take less time to process through.

As you approach the vehicle plaza, use lane 4. At that time, tell them
you are here for the ATML/SCC20 meeting and show them your license. 

You then take the first left (across the other 3 lanes of cars) and head
to the visitor parking for the E3 lobby.  You'll receive your badge in
the lobby and either Alicia or I will be there to greet you.

Chris Gorringe -- Sorry, this does not apply to you.  You'll have to
stop at the visitor center. I have confirmed that the foreign visitor
notice has been approved and it should be easy entry.

If anyone has any problems, please call my cell at 407-538-2673.

We'll see you all tomorrow.

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To those attending this week's meeting in Orlando:

We plan to start the meeting at 0900 Tuesday, and 0800 on Wednesday and
Thursday.  It will take a bit to get badged on Tuesday, so please allow
plenty of time so that we can begin promptly at 0900.

I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!


Timothy J. Wilmering
Diagnostic and Maintenance Control Subcommittee