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FW: [SCC20] SCC20 Membership Enrollment for 2011 - 4th and FINAL call


I know some of you may not be on both list servers yet




This is a final reminder to complete a Bluesheet for your participation in SCC20 for 2011.  If your name appears below, you have no action.  I have entered you into the membership roles for 2011.  If you don’t see your name below, please complete a Bluesheet today.  (Instructions with original Email at bottom.)


At the beginning of 2011, I will be updating the SCC20 Email reflectors.  If you haven’t provided a Bluesheet, you will be dropped from the reflectors and will not receive notices of SCC20 meetings and actions.


Bluesheets Received as of 12/16/2010:


William Adams


Michelle Harris


David Putman

Robert Alek


Michael Harrison


Donna Rapisardo

Jean-Yves Allard


David Heck


Charles Reynolds

Anthony Alwardt


Alicia Helton


Peter Richardson

Jack Amsell


Hans Hopf


David Rocker

Michael Araiza


Ashley Hulme


Ted Ronnenburg

Darryl Ashby


Geoffrey Ingram


William Ross

Wesley Barnishan


Anand Jain


Michael Rutledge

Michael Bodkin


Simon Jessop


Paul Salopek

Ryan Boleman


Mark Kaufman


Howard Savage

Malcolm Brown


Dexter Kennedy


Jake Schmalenberger

Darryl Busch


Soo Kim


Mike Seavey

Steve Cmiel


David Kleinman


Anthony Sedberry

Matt Cornish


Harry Lambert


David Sharone

Bernard Dathy


Adam Ley


John Sheppard

Timothy Davis


Teresa Lopes


Kent Shoemaker

David Droste


William Maciejewski


Dianne Shook

Gail Edwards


Michael Malesich


Roger Sowada

Tamara Einspanjer


Stephen Mann


Rob Spinner

William Eklow


Robert McGarvey


John Stabler

Keith Ellis


Scott Misha


Joseph Stanco

Anthony Estrada


Mukund Modi


Michael Stora

Stephen Fairbanks


Ion Neag


Kim Stowers

Vimbai Fedrick


Thomas Neal


Walter Struppler

Jennifer Fetherman


James Nichols


Ronald Taylor

William (Brit) Frank


Angela Nielson


Laurence Thayer

Anthony Geneva


Maltilde Olea


Henry Thomas

William Gerstein


Leslie Orlidge


Joerg Urban

Daniel Glaser


Duy-Huan Pham


Timothy Wilmering

Chris Gorringe


Dan Pleasant


Christopher Winton

Frank Graffagnino


Hugh Pritchett


Hiromi Yamashita

Jay Guruswamy


David Ptacek


Willis Yarnall


David B. Droste
SCC-20 Secretary, Hardware Interfaces Co-Chair
DRS Test & Energy Management
110 Wynn Dr.
Huntsville, AL  35805





From: Droste, David (SA-1)
Sent: Thursday, September 23, 2010 4:22 PM
To: IEEE SCC-20 General (stds-scc20@xxxxxxxx)
Subject: SCC20 Membership Enrollment for 2011




SCC-20 membership enrollment for 2011 is now required.


Once a year you are required to complete a SCC-20 membership form.  Membership forms for 2011 are due no later than December 17th, 2010.  Even if you recently completed a form, you MUST complete a form for 2011.  Failure to complete the form will result in your removal from the SCC-20 rolls and E-mail distribution lists.  Late submittals will automatically place you in the category of "Interested Party".


You may access the form at the main SCC-20 Web Page or the link below.



Please take action to complete your membership form for 2011 Today!



1.      The form has mandatory and optional fields.  Failure to complete mandatory fields may result in your input being ignored.

2.      Completing the SCC20 form does NOT sign you up for IEEE and/or Standards Association membership.  That is a separate requirement that you must also fulfill.



David B. Droste
SCC-20 Secretary, Hardware Interfaces Co-Chair
DRS Test & Energy Management
110 Wynn Dr.
Huntsville, AL  35805





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