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TII/TAD Worging Gorup Meeting Plan



The SCC-20 TII/TAD Working Group Meeting

is Being Planned in Conjunction with SCC20 Steering

at AutoTestCon in Baltimore, MD

We Have Meeting Rooms for September 10th and 11th



Please periodically check the SCC 20 website (link below) for updated information as we get closer to the date of the meeting.

SCC 20 Website link:


The Agenda for these working groups is below, meeting rooms and arrangements will be distributed later.


TII/TAD Meeting Agenda


Saturday 10th Sept 2011 (pm)

a) TAD Business (Ashley Hulme) (11/2hr) 13:00-14:00

I would like about 30 minutes to talk about 1641.1 (STD User Guide) and potentially a short time for 716 reaffirmation if it hasn't been dealt with by then. I think it would be easiest to just take a serial time slot within the TII/ATML schedule (end of Stat or Sun?) rather than try and set up a whole different room and schedule. Unless anyone has an objection I will let Chris give me a slot in his schedule - anyone interested in 1641 is likely also be involved in ATML.

b) Instrument Description 1671.2 (Chris Gorringe) 14:00-14:30

Review of Draft Standard D11 and Awaiting the ATMLGeneration tool to align word format and schema changes –

c) 1671.5,6 – (Ron Taylor) 14:30:-16:00

If possible a short meeting (maybe 1.5 hours) on Test Station and Test Adapter would be nice. I know the desire was to only have steering so I can work around this if it is better not to meet. The agenda would be to discuss possible schema changes. The issues I see are a few possible mods related to the intrinsic path and discuss if the Test Station and Test Adapter should be changed to accommodate these or they should be left for the intrinsic path group.

d) Test Configuration 1671.4 (Mike Seavey) 16:00-16:30

Go over proposed breaking changes that have come up during extended review period


Sunday 11th Sept 2001 (am) SCC20 Steering Commitee


Sunday 11th Sept 2011 (after Steering and early lunch)

e) Update for ATMLGenerator tool (Anand Jain) 12:30-1300

f) Test Description (Anand Jain) 13:00-13:30

It would be useful to do a quick status update & resolve any interim issues that prevent us from moving forward.

g) UUT Description 1671.3 (Ion Neag) 13:30-13:50

It would be useful to do a quick status update & resolve any interim issues that prevent us from moving forward.

h) Review input from ‘dot’ standard for TestResults meeting later in the week 13:50-14:00

i) Units in ATML User guide (and 1641)  (Chatwin Lansdowne) 11/2 – 2 hrs 14:00-16:00

i) TII kick of “Recommended practice” teams (Hugh Pritchett) !hr 1600-17:00

An Intrinsic Patch Characteristics (IPC) Best Practices Guide (BPG) team meeting would be good to start a direction and see who will participate.

j)        Fin 17:00


Call for Participants


TII have a new PAR “P1871.2 - Recommended Practice for IEEE 1671 Test Equipment Templates and Extension Classes for Describing Intrinsic Signal Path Information for Cables, Interface Adaptors and Test Equipment” If your interested in becoming involved and not available to come to the inaugural meeting (16:00 Sunday 11th) either follow the instruction in the link, or drop me a line.




Chris Gorringe



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