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Update to IEEE Std 1671.2 Instrument Description Synthetic Instrument Templates

Hello everyone,


If you're receiving this email because you were on the mailing list for the DoD's Synthetic Instruments Working Group.  Although that group finished its work and disbanded some time ago, the IEEE 1671.2 Standard where the template definitions reside is now being updated.


As part of this revision all the Synthetic Instrument Template definitions (IEEE Std 1671.2 Annex C-H)are being moved into their own IEEE standard “P1871.1 - Recommended Practice for Using IEEE 1671.2 Instrument Description Templates for Describing Synthetic Instrumentation for Classes of Instruments Such as Waveform Generators, Digitizers, External Oscillators, and Up & Down Converters


The ATML Instrument Description will therefore have these Annex removed but will continue to use the SI XML templates as examples of Instrument Descriptions.


As chairman of both working groups our intention is to not change any technical information, but to merely separate the two areas into their own distinct standards.


This work is being undertaken by the SCC20 TII subcommittee and should you be interested in participating or just being an interested party you can sign up by completing the SCC20 Membership blue sheet and ticking the TII box


Any questions or queries don’t hesitate to contact me


Chris Gorringe



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