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FW: [SCC20] Registration Information needed for the IEEE SCC20 12-1 meeting

Just in case you’ve missed the full SCC20 Calling notice (below)




So even if there is only an outside chance you’ll be attending send the form off today with your details.





From: Teresa Lopes [mailto:teresa.lopes@xxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: 27 February 2012 14:19
To: STDS-SCC20@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [SCC20] Registration Information needed for the IEEE SCC20 12-1 meeting


If you have already registered for the April meeting, please review the list below and make sure that the your name matches the name on the ID you will present when you pick up your badge

If you have NOT registered and plan on attending, send Mike Seavey the information requested below today!


Teresa Lopes | Teradyne, Inc. | O: +1 (978) 370-1377 | M: +1 (617) 515-0040 | Teresa.Lopes@xxxxxxxxxxxx


The SCC20 12-1 meeting is scheduled from Tuesday April 24 through Thursday April 26, 8am-5pm CST.  The meeting will be held in Houston, Texas, USA, at the Regents Park III conference facility.  If you are planning on attending the meeting and have not notified Mike Seavey, please do so before the 27th of February.

There are registration requirements for this meeting venue. If you believe you will or may attend, please provide to Mike Seavey (SCC20 chair at michael.seavey@xxxxxxx)

The information described below by February 27, 2012

All attendees must register with NASA Johnson Space Center.  Badges must be shown to facility coordinators prior to reporting to the meeting and must be worn at all times while in the facility.

US Citizens
US citizens need to provide their full name (as it appears on government-issued identification) and company affiliation.  Badges can be picked up from NASA security building 110 at the NASA main gate (southeast of Regents Park on Saturn Lane) between 6:00am and 5:30pm.  While you’re there, check out the Rocket Park across the street which is open to the public; the centerpiece is a Saturn V rocket on a mover-- bring your wide-angle lens!

(First Name, Last Name, Middle Name, Company)

US Foreign Nationals
US foreign nationals also can apply for NASA badging but there’s a little more paperwork.  The benefit is entry for escorted facility tours at NASA.  Fill out and return “Info needed for FN badge.xls” along with clear copies of two forms of legal identification which you will also present on arrival. The names on both forms of IDs must be an exact match.

US foreign nationals can alternatively register for the conference facility only, fill out and return “RP Unbadged Form.docx” (attached) before April 15.  You can still see Rocket Park

The IEEE SCC-20 12-1 Meeting page has been updated with draft agendas for the meeting.


Teresa Lopes | Teradyne, Inc. | O: +1 (978) 370-1377 | M: +1 (617) 515-0040 | Teresa.Lopes@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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