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RE: [STDS-SCC20] SCC20 12-2 Meeting Info

Following on from the official meeting agenda

Here is a provisional schedule for the TII & TAD WG to help folks attending plan their day



Main Conference Room
Columbia Room in the Frontier Tower

Side Meeting (Lobby)

Saturday Morning

09:00  Plenary of sorts


 09:30 1671.1 Test Description (Anand)

          1671.3 UUT Description (Ion), schema work

 11:30 1671.2 - Instrument Description: Ballot Resolution Committee  (Chris)

Saturday Afternoon (Status Reports)

13:30 1671.1 Test Description (Anand), status report
14:30 1671.3 UUT Description (Ion), status report
15:00 1671.4 – Test Configuration (Mike) status report

15:30 1671.5,6 – Station/Adaptor Description: (Ron) status report

16:00 1641.1 User Guide (Ashley/Chris) status report
16:30 1671.0 - User Guide – Synopsys and table of Contents (Chris/Chatwin)


Sunday Morning

09:00 SCC20 Steering


Sunday Afternoon

13:30 1871.2 - Intrinsic Path Guide  (Hugh/Tim)
14:30 1871.1 - Synthetic Instrument Guide (Chris)

15:00  P1877 – TOIF (Chatwin)

13:30 1671.1 Test Description (Anand) & 1671.3 UUT Description (Ion), schema work as required




See You Over the weekend



From: Teresa Lopes [mailto:teresa.lopes@xxxxxxxxxxxx]
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Subject: [STDS-SCC20] SCC20 12-2 Meeting Info


The SCC20 12-2 Meeting will take place September 8 & 9 in the Columbia Room (Frontier Tower) - Disneyland Hotel

The Steering meeting will take place on Sunday (9/9) from 9:00 AM to NOON

Agendas for the 12-2 meeting and for the 12-2 Steering meeting have been posted to the SCC20 Web page

One of the agenda items for Steering is to elect officers for the next calendar year (2013).  To support this election of officers, we need interested members to fill out a self-nomination form.  The online form is available from the main SCC20 web page or directly at 

Please note:

1. By nominating yourself you are committing your employer to support your activity in SCC-20.  Be sure you obtain this commitment prior to completion of the form. 
2. Further information on the qualification requirements for being an officer can be found in the SCC20 Operating Procedures at:

 The Self-Nomination form must be completed by September 7, 2012 to be considered at the SCC-20 Steering meeting.


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