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The ATML standards are sold by the IEEE.   If you become a member of the IEEE you can purchase the standards at a discount.  Before you purchase a standard, you might want to check the Get Involved section on the left to see if an updated standard is about to be approved. 

Here are the instructions for purchasing ATML standards.  If anyone has an easier way to do this, please post a message on the forum (see Get Involved on the left). 

  1. Click this link:

  2. If you are not a member of the IEE, skip to step 4.

  3. Click the Member sign in link on the top right to log in. (If you go to and log in you will be logged into your myIEEE page.  This will not get you a discount. You will have to log in again, but to the regular IEEE page)

  4. Click the Shop link which is below the Member sign in link.

  5. Enter the standard you want in the search field then click the Search button.

  6. Select the standard from the list and notice the member price, so you will be sure to get the discount if you are an IEEE member.

  7. Click the Terms and Conditions link near the red check mark on the left.  A popup appears with the terms. 

  8. Scroll to the bottom of the popup and click the I Agree button.  (You may have to enable popups on your browser)

  9. Only now will you be allowed to buy the document!  Click on the Add To Cart button, then click on My Cart at the top and check out.  Make sure you see the correct price.

  10. If you want to purchase more documents, you may have to repeat steps 7 through 9.

For copyright reasons, your name will be printed on the bottom of all the pages of the standard.