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Study Group for Security, Reliability, and Performance for Software Defined and Virtualized Ecosystems

  Scope: The objective of this Study Group (SG) is to identify primary standards development opportunities in the reliability, performance, and   security aspects of the SDN, NFV, NGSON, and related areas.   The approach to be taken by the SG will include the following:

    - Demonstrate and document the steps necessary to establish an early standardization presence in key areas of opportunity in the reliability,       performance, and security topics
    - Perform a gap analysis for each topic (i.e., security, reliability, performance) to determine standardization opportunities in SDN, NFV, NGSON,       and related areas.

  The primary objective of this SG is to assess whether there is an opportunity for the IEEE to launch a standardization activity in this area and thus   prepare a PAR to launch the official standardization process.


Spilios Makris

Co-Vice Chair, Security
Ashutosh Dutta

Co-Vice Chair, Security
Anton Kaska

Vice Chair, Performance
Mohammad Asad Chaudhry

Co-Vice Chair, Reliability
Chandru Mirchandani

Co-Vice Chair, Reliability
Michael Tortorella

IEEE Staff Liaison
Jonathan Goldberg

   This SG is sponsored by IEEE Communications Society Standards Development Board

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