Spring 2011, San Diego, California

Meeting Tutorials/Presentations

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The following will be presented at the Spring 2011 meeting:

"Transformers Used with Alternative Energy  Sources - Wind & Solar" 

Technical Presentation, Monday, April 11,  2011

sponsored by: IEEE/PES Transformers Committee

Abstract & Outline  Posted  4Apr2011

PDH Certificate  Posted  4Apr2011

Presentation (PowerPoint without voiceover, 6.9MB) Posted  28Apr2011

Presentation (pdf without voiceover, 9.1MB) Posted  11Apr2011

Presentation (zipped .avi file with voiceover, 44.1MB)  Posted  11Apr2011 

"Special Presentation & Town Hall Meeting: "IEEE Power & Energy Society", by Alan Rotz

Presentation, Tuesday, April 12,  2011

Presentation (pdf without voiceover, 1.6MB) Posted  12Apr2011

Presentation (zipped .avi file with voiceover, 37.8MB)  Posted  12Apr2011

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