Spring 2012, Nashville, Tennesee

Meeting Tutorials/Presentations

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The following were presented at the Spring 2012 meeting:

Monday Standards Luncheon

Standards Development - Presented by: William Bartley, Erin Spiewak, and Gary Hoffman  posted 14Mar2012

Ballot Resolution Tool Presentation - Gary Hoffman posted 14Mar2012

Ballot Resolution Tool  (Microsoft Access) posted 14Mar2012

Tuesday Luncheon Speaker, "Planning and Preparing for Electric Transportationposted 14Mar2012

Presented by: Carla Nelson of Nashville Electric Service

"Geo-Magnetically Induced Current: Effects and the Power System; Monitoring, and Potential Mitigation"

Technical Presentation, Thursday, March 15,  2012

sponsored by: IEEE/PES Transformers Committee

  • "Effect of GIC on Power Transformers", by Dr. Ramsis Girgis (ABB Inc.)

  • "Simulating GIC flow in power systems, and the evaluation of potential impact of VAR swings on voltage stability and harmonics on system protection", by Dr. Emanuel Bernabeu (Dominion)

  • "An overview of the NERC GMD TF activities, conclusions, and recommendations", by Mr. Frank Koza (PJM Interconnection)

  • "GIC monitoring and examples of actual GIC signatures", by Dr. David Fugate (Electric Research & Management, Inc.)

  • "Processes / procedures presently used by utilities in North America to mitigate the effects of GIC",  by Mr. Bill Chiu

  • Questions & Answers

Abstract & Outline  Abstract & Outline  Posted  01Mar2012

PDH Certificate  Posted  01Mar2012

Presentation (pdf without voiceover, 7MB) Updated 17Mar2012

Presentation (.avi files with voiceover)  Posted  17Mar2012

Part 1 - Ramsis Girgis (21MB)

Part 2 - Dr. Emanuel Bernabeu (17.5MB) File has been edited to remove some graphics at the presentor's request.  There may be some mismatches in voiceover to slide.

Part 3 - Frank Koza (10.8MB)

Part 4 - Frank Koza, David Fugate, and Bill Chiu (59.6MB)

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