Fall 2001, Orlando

Meeting Tutorials/Presentations

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Inrush Seminar, Ramsis Girgis & Ed teNyenhuis, Gary L Kobet, Glenn Swift, Phil Hopkinson, Joe Watson, FPL, 

On Line Monitoring   (1.1MB)

Cooler Leak Repairs at Ft. Myers Substation 

Nikola Cuk, IFD Corporation, Seminar on Detection of Arcing Fault in Distribution Transformers  (142kB)

Noelle Humenick, IEEE Editorial Staff, Standard Process Training Presentation  (2.05MB)

Vallamkonda Sankar, Tutorial: Standards Specification Designs and their Relationships   (62kB)

Dudley L. Galloway, Chair of  Task Force on  Metric Conversion: 

IEEE Guide to Metric Conversion for Transformer Standards D2 July 30, 2001   (142kB)

Guide to Metric Conversion  (142kB)

Worksheet for Converting US Customary Units to SI Units  (142kB)

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