Fall 2007, Minneapolis, MN

Meeting Tutorials/Presentations

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The following presentations were presented at the Fall 2007 meeting:

"Transformer Switching - A Current Update"

Technical Presentation, presented by: Bob Degeneff, Phil Hopkinson, Larry Coffeen, and Nigel McQuin

Part 1: Monday, October 15, 2007,  4:45 PM

Part 2: Tuesday, October 16, 2007,  4:45 PM

Abstract & Outline  posted 18Sep2007

Presentation Part 1  (5.2MB)  posted 16Oct2007

Presentation Part 2a  (3.4MB)  posted 17Oct2007

Presentation Part 2b  (3.9MB)  posted 14Dec2007

Presentation Part 1 with audio (zip file 30 MB)

Presentation Part 2 with audio (zip file 30.3 MB)

IEEE Presentation, Tuesday Luncheon, October 16, 2007  (829kB) Posted 9Nov2007

presented by: Wanda Reder, PES President Elect

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