Spring 2003, Raleigh, North Carolina

Meeting Tutorials/Presentations

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The following two presentations were presented at the meeting:

Tuesday Luncheon Presentation by Mr. John Estey 

Detection and Location of Acoustic Emissions from Partial Discharge

Panel Discussion, Monday, March 17, 4:45 p.m.

presented by Andreas Garnitschnig, Jack Harley, Hemchandra Shertukde, Steve Skinner, and Barry Ward

Abstract & Outline 

MS-PowerPoint Presentation: 

Presentation by Andreas Garnitschnig  (523kB)

Presentation by John Harley  (96kB)

Presentation by Dr. Hemchandra M. Shertukde  (883kB)

Presentation by Steve Skinner  (1.6MB)

Presentation by Barry H. Ward  (792kB)

Switching Transients Induced by Transformer/Breaker Interaction

Presentation, Tuesday, March 18

presented by Robert Degeneff, Philip Hopkinson, and Thomas Tobin


Presentation  (1.3MB)

Operating Transformers - Core Excitation

Presentation, Performance SC Meeting, Tuesday, March 19 (56kB)

presented by Gustav Preininger

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