Spring 2007, Dallas, Texas

Meeting Tutorials/Presentations

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The following presentations were presented at the Spring 2007 meeting:

"Transformer Life Expectancy"

Technical Presentation, Monday, March 12, 2007

presented by: Paul Boman for William Bartley

Abstract & Outline  Posted 2/4/07

Presentation  (2.5 MB) Posted 3/14/07

Presentation with audio (zip file 23.49 MB)

"Transformer Life Extension for Better Asset Management"

Technical Presentation, Tuesday, March 13, 2007

presented by: Tom Prevost & Craig Stiegemeier for Willam Bartley & David Woodcock

Abstract & Outline  Posted 2/4/07

Presentation  (2.7 MB) Posted 3/14/07

Presentation with audio (zip file 47.4 MB)

"Utilizing BPL to create a21st Century Grid"

Technical Presentation, Tuesday Luncheon, March 13, 2007

presented by: Michael Quinn, P.E.

Presentation (no audio)  Posted 3/19/07

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