Spring 2012 Meeting

Nashville, Tennessee, USA

The Place Music Calls Home!

March 11 - 15, 2012

Click on the photo "thumbnails" below to go to a larger version of the photo.  Thank you to Ewald Schweiger and George Payerle for photo contributions!


RegDesk-AAllen.jpg (104868 bytes)

Abbey Allen (right)

RegDesk-DerekB.jpg (149681 bytes)

Host Derek Baranowski

Saturday Night at the Wildhorse Saloon

SaturdayNight-01.jpg (159284 bytes) SaturdayNight-02.jpg (178211 bytes) SaturdayNight-GAnderson,AAllen.jpg (136076 bytes)

Greg Anderson & 
Abbey Allen

SaturdayNight-03.jpg (157355 bytes) SaturdayNight-DBaranowski,AKraetge.jpg (140485 bytes)

Diana Baranowski & Alexander Kraetge

SaturdayNight-JArteaga.jpg (151020 bytes)

Galina Frederick & 
Javier Arteaga

SaturdayNight-SMcNelly.jpg (145165 bytes)

Sue McNelly

SaturdayNight-Rotz.jpg (185961 bytes)

Al and Pat Rotz

SaturdayNight-TBehrens,DBaranowski.jpg (170331 bytes)

Tammy Behrens, Derek & 
Diana Baranowski

Sunday Night Reception

SunSoc-01.jpg (159144 bytes) SunSoc-02.jpg (142383 bytes) SunSoc-03.jpg (136141 bytes) SunSoc-04.jpg (165514 bytes) SunSoc-05.jpg (147745 bytes)
SunSoc-06.jpg (161364 bytes)

Don Chu

SunSoc-07.jpg (248806 bytes)

Bob Cunninghami

SunSoc-08.jpg (224720 bytes)

Greg Anderson

SunSoc-09.jpg (163696 bytes)

Peter Zhao

SunSoc-10.jpg (165067 bytes)
SunSoc-11.jpg (151015 bytes)

Tommy Spitzer

SunSoc-12.jpg (132137 bytes)

Chris Rega & Jane Hopkinson

SunSoc-13.jpg (143345 bytes)

Rekha & Hemchandra

SunSoc-Callsen.jpg (166456 bytes)

Cindy Choren, Delahi Abochi, Francis Arthur, 
& Tom Callsen

SunSoc-DBaranowski,SAntosz,AAllen.jpg (154776 bytes)

Derek Baranowski, Steve Antosz, & Abbey Allen

SunSoc-Schweiger&Tillman.jpg (99857 bytes)

Ewald Schweiger, Anita & Bob Tillman, & Annette Schweiger

Tutorials and Meetings

Meeting-Break-01.jpg (134707 bytes)

Meeting Break

Meeting-Break-02.jpg (186012 bytes)

Meeting Break

Meeting-Break-03.jpg (161021 bytes)

Meeting Break

Meeting-Break-04.jpg (181960 bytes)

Meeting Break

MonGenMtg-01.jpg (133839 bytes)

Monday General 

Thurs-GenMtg-02.jpg (120987 bytes)

Ed Smith, Tom Prevost, 
& Bill Chiu

Tom Prevost receiving the 2011 IEEE SA Distinguished Service Award

Thurs-GenMtg-Award-ESmith,PZhao.jpg (149794 bytes)

Ed Smith & Peter Zhao (Chair)

Task Force on Tank Rupture and Mitigations

Thurs-GenMtg-Award-BDarovny,RThompson,PZhao,BChiu.jpg (108116 bytes)

Bill Darovny (CM), Robert Thompson (Secretary), Peter Zhao (Chair), & Bill Chiu

Task Force on Tank Rupture and Mitigations

Thurs-GenMtg-Award-EteNyenhuis.jpg (130029 bytes)

Ed teNyenhuis (Editor) & Bill Chiu

Transformer Committee Editor (2009-2011)

Thurs-GenMtg-Award-PastChairESmith,BChiu.jpg (137409 bytes)

Ed Smith (Former Chair) & Bill Chiu

Transformer Committee Chair (2010 & 2011)

Thurs-GenMtg-Award-SAntosz-ChairPCSC.jpg (136346 bytes)

Steve Antosz (Chair), Bill Chiu, & Ed Smith

Performance Characteristics Subcommittee Chair (2010 & 2011)

Thurs-GenMtg-Award-C57.100.jpg (108771 bytes)

Ed Smith, Jin Sim (CM), Roger Wicks (Chair), Don Platts (CM), Tom Prevost (CM), &  Bill Chiu

WG C57.100-2011 Standard Test Procedure for Thermal Evaluation of Insulation Systems

Thurs-GenMtg-Award-C57.12.70.jpg (110611 bytes)

Bill Chiu, Steve Shull (Chair), Charles Sweetser, Jerry Murphy (Vice-Chair), & Ed Smith

WG C57.12.70-2011 Standard Terminal Markings and Connections

Thurs-GenMtg-Award-C57.12.20.jpg (84023 bytes)

Bill Chiu, Marcel Fortin (CM), Al Traut (Chair), & Ed Smith

WG C57.12.20-2011 Standard Overhead-Type Distribution Transformers

Thurs-HostAward-1.jpg (138553 bytes)

Abbey Allen, Derek Baranowski (Host), & Bill Chiu

Meeting Host Award

Thurs-Tutorial-Presentors.jpg (144401 bytes)

Dr. Emanuel Bernabeu (Dominion), Ramsis Girgis (ABB Inc.), Mr. Frank Koza (PJM Interconnection), Dr. David Fugate (Electric Research & Management Inc.), & Bill Chiu

GIC Tutorial Panel

Thurs-Tutorial-02.jpg (151497 bytes)

GIC Tutorial 

Thurs-Tutorial-03.jpg (161668 bytes)

GIC Tutorial 

Thurs-Tutorial-01.jpg (142894 bytes)

GIC Tutorial 

Tuesday Lunch - EV presentation and Herman Halpern Award

TueLunch-ARotz-1.jpg (125043 bytes)

Al Rotz

TueLunch-Chiu,CNelson,DBaranowski,DPlatts.jpg (140620 bytes)

Bill Chiu, Carla Nelson, Derek Baranowski, & 
Don Platts

TueLunch-CNelson-1.jpg (133036 bytes)

Carla Nelson & Bill Chiu

TueLunch-Duval&Rotz.jpg (149532 bytes)

Michel Duval & 
Al Rotz

TueLunch-DuvalAwardPresentation-1.jpg (130052 bytes)

Michel Duval, Al Rotz 
& Bill Chiu

Michel Duval being awarded the Herman Halperin Award

TueLunch-DuvalAwardPresentation-2.jpg (139975 bytes)

Michel Duval

TueLunch-DuvalAwardPresentation-3.jpg (128715 bytes)

Michel Duval & 
Al Rotz

TueLunch-DuvalAwardPresentation-4.jpg (101507 bytes)

Bill Chiu, Michel Duval & 
Al Rotz

TueLunch-02.jpg (152045 bytes) TueLunch-01.jpg (157285 bytes)

Wednesday Night Social - Country Music Hall of Fame

WedSoc-02.jpg (153205 bytes) WedSoc-03.jpg (161563 bytes) WedSoc-01.jpg (179362 bytes) WedSoc-04.jpg (166250 bytes)

Janice & Michael Faulkenberry

WedSoc-05.jpg (155891 bytes)

Bob Rasor & Hallie Moleski

WedSoc-06.jpg (178127 bytes)

Webb Pierce's Silver DollarConvertible

WedSoc-07.jpg (187969 bytes) WedSoc-08.jpg (181072 bytes)

Carl Niemann

WedSoc-09.jpg (152026 bytes) WedSoc-10.jpg (177775 bytes)
WedSoc-11.jpg (158212 bytes)

Marnie Roussele & Stephen Jordan

WedSoc-12.jpg (156297 bytes) WedSoc-13.jpg (163315 bytes)

Phil & Jane Hopkinson

WedSoc-14.jpg (156728 bytes)

Pat & Jim Harlow

WedSoc-Anderson,Allen,Quandel.jpg (92888 bytes)

Greg Anderson, Abbey Allen, & Jennifer Quandel

WedSoc-Colopy,Termini,Niemann,Klaponski.jpg (96242 bytes)

Craig Colopy, Gina  & Giuseppe Termini, Carl Niemann, Brian & Lois Klaponski

WedSoc-TBehrens,DBaranowski.jpg (160766 bytes)

Tammy Behrens & Host Derek Baranowski

WedSoc-DBaranowski.jpg (81265 bytes)

Host Derek Baranowski

WedSoc-Elvis'Piano.jpg (71307 bytes)

Elvis' Golden Piano

NES Nashville Substation Tour

Thur-SubTour-01.jpg (159306 bytes) Thur-SubTour-02.jpg (144136 bytes) Thur-SubTour-03.jpg (152120 bytes) Thur-SubTour-04.jpg (151724 bytes)
Thur-SubTour-05.jpg (148205 bytes) Thur-SubTour-06.jpg (153943 bytes) Thur-SubTour-07.jpg (151360 bytes) Thur-SubTour-08.jpg (131437 bytes)

Nashville Area

Nashville-Day.jpg (164174 bytes) Nashville-Night.jpg (178558 bytes) NashvilleSites-01.jpg (169901 bytes) NashvilleSites-02.jpg (168227 bytes) NashvilleSites-03.jpg (146069 bytes)
NashvilleSites-04.jpg (140486 bytes) NashvilleSites-05.jpg (176879 bytes) NashvilleSites-06.jpg (160903 bytes) NashvilleSites-10.jpg (83014 bytes) NashvilleSites-09.jpg (145420 bytes)
NashvilleSites-07.jpg (154421 bytes)

Ryman Auditorium

NashvilleSites-08.jpg (120778 bytes)

Ryman Auditorium

RymanAuditorium.JPG (192294 bytes)

Ryman Auditorium

Spouse-Belmont-DSC04591.JPG (216221 bytes)


Spouse-Belmont-DSC04586.JPG (199010 bytes)


Spouse-Opry-Dressingroom-DSC04601.JPG (218014 bytes)

Grand Ole Opry Dressing Room

Spouse-Opry-DSC04594.JPG (172747 bytes)

Grand Ole Opry

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