Spring 2014 Meeting

March 23 - 27, 2014

Savannah, Georgia, USA

Click on the photo "thumbnails" below to go to a larger version of the photo.  Special thanks to Ewald Schweiger and George Payerle for additional photos.

Saturday Early Bird - Savannah Smiles - Dueling Pianos




Erin Carpenter &
Abbey Allen


Abbey Allen

Happy Birthday!

Abbey Allen

Greg Anderson &
Tammy Behrens

Tammy Behrens &
Abbey Allen

IEEE = Interesting, Easily-Excitable Engineers

Sunday Night Reception


Host - Jorge Guerra & Chair Don Platts


Host - Jorge Guerra, Chair Don Platts, & Mike Bauer


Host - Jorge Guerra, Mike Bauer, & Chair Don Platts

Host Team

Lighthouse Ice Sculpture

Abbey Allen, Derek Baranowski, Steve Antosz

Anil Dhawan

Alan Peterson


Dieter Dohnal

Erin Carpenter &
Abbey Allen

Ewald and Annette Schweiger, Paul Boman, Rainer Frotscher

Frank Bray

Gustavo Leal, Rudolf Ogajanov, David Golon

Jorge Guerra &
Florian Costa

Jodi Haasz & Kent Miller

Javier Arteaga

Judy Ernest &

Jack Harley

John Crouse

Jennifer Stranko, Abbey Allen, and Sue McNelly

Rita and Larry

Larry Dix, Alejandro
Macias, Russell Sewell

Linda and James Fairris, Dave Wallach, Don Dorris

Les and Rona Recksiedler and Florian Costa

Patricia and Clair Claiborne and Patrick McShane


Rick Ladroga and
Dave Wallach

Rob and Nancy Mayer

Steve an Cheryl Shull


Tutorials and Meetings

Switching Transients Tutorial

Bob Degeneff, Angelica Rocha,
and Ed teNyenhuis

Switching Transients Tutorial

Bob Degeneff, Angelica Rocha

Switching Transients Tutorial

Bob Degeneff, Ed teNyenhuis,
and Angelica Rocha

Switching Transients Tutorial

Angelica Rocha

Monitoring Tutorial

Don Chu, Brian Sparling, Tony Pink, Claude Beauchemin, Joe Watson, Jeff Benach

Monitoring Tutorial

Tony Pink, Jeff Benach,
Joe Watson, and
Don Chu

Monitoring Tutorial

Don Chu, Brian Sparling, Tony Pink, Claude Beauchemin, Jeff Benach,
and Joe Watson

Monitoring Tutorial

Don Chu, Brian Sparling,
Claude Beauchemin, Tony Pink,
and Jeff Benach

Greg Anderson - Monday Stnds Lunch - Tutorial on AMS

Jane Verner &
Bill Bartley


Bill Chiu & Don Platts

Bill Chiu, Steve Antosz, Bill Bartley & Greg Anderson

Bill Bartley & Sue McNelly

C57.12.10 Corrigenda

Jim Harlow

C57.12.10 Corrigenda

Don Platts, Jim Harlow,
and Bill Chiu

New Member Certificate

Don Platts, Diego Robalino,
and Bill Chiu

2013 Best Paper - CoAuthor

Don Platts, Kiran Vedante,
and Bill Chiu

IFSC Chair 2008 - 2013

Don Platts, Susan McNelly,
and Bill Chiu

William Bartley

Fellow Class of 2014

Don Platts, William Bartley,
and Bill Chiu

Host Appreciation Award

Don Platts, Alonso Castillo, and
Bill Chiu

Tickets Please!

Jennifer Stranko and

Abbey Allen



Wednesday Night Social - Riverboat

Dinner Buffet

Dinner Buffet

Bill Chiu, Ewald Schweiger, Judy Ernest, Don Platts

Greg Anderson and
Jennifer Stranko

Gina and Giuseppe Termini and Lois and Brian Klaponski

Hakan Sahin

Jerry Reeves - Toast

Nancy Kennedy,
Cheryl and Steve Shull, and Gael Kennedy

Phil Hopkinson


Rowland and Sylvia James

Robert Thompson,
Wally Binder,
R and Richard Amos


Susanne and Luc Dorpmanns

Tom Prevost, Stephanie Denzer, Deanna Woods

Rick Ladroga


Out and About/Tours

Riverfront - Daytime

Riverfront - Nighttime

Tom and Beverly Jauch

George Payerle

Donna Payerle


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