Fall 2010 Meeting

October 24-28, 2010

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Sunday Night Reception

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Monday Standards Luncheon & Tuesday Lunch Speaker

MonStdsLunch-Ceglia.jpg (64418 bytes)

Mon. Stds. Lunch

Matt Ceglia

MonStdsLunch-Ceglia-1.jpg (47876 bytes)

Mon. Stds. Lunch

Matt Ceglia

MonStdsLunch-Bartley.jpg (60045 bytes)

Mon. Stds. Lunch

Bill Bartley

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Tues. Luncheon

Amir Shalaby & Richard Dudley

TueLunch-AShalaby.jpg (123285 bytes)

Amir Shalaby

Tues. Luncheon

TueLunch-Smith.jpg (130171 bytes)

J. Ed Smith

TueLunch-RDudley.jpg (114918 bytes)

Richard Dudley

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Tuesday Tutorial

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James Gardner

TueTutorial-Steigemeier.jpg (645262 bytes)

Craig Stiegemeier

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Wednesday Night Social - Ontario Science Centre

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Paper Airplanes

WedSoc-12.jpg (269319 bytes)

Rain Forest

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Arnold Carlos

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WedSoc-RThompson.jpg (88191 bytes)

Robert Thompson

WedSoc-JSim.jpg (60362 bytes)

Jin Sim

WedSoc-Shulls&Kennedys.jpg (103637 bytes)

Shulls & Kennedys

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Thursday Awards

ThuMtg-Officers.jpg (87318 bytes) ThuMtg-HostRDudley.JPG (100389 bytes)

Host Richard Dudley

ThuMtg-HostTeam-1.JPG (106451 bytes)

Host Team

ThuMtg-SanDiegoHosts.jpg (131561 bytes)

San Diego Host Robert Mayer

ThuMtg-Awards-RDudley.jpg (79387 bytes)


Host Richard Dudley


Std 1277 Smoothing Reactors

ThuMtg-Awards-ESmithCPloetnerRDudleyURadbrandt.jpg (99905 bytes)


Std 1277 Smoothing Reactors

J. Ed Smith with Chris Ploetner, Richard Dudley, and Ulf Radbrandt

ThuMtg-Awards-SSnyder.jpg (95609 bytes)



J. Ed Smith & Chair Steve Snyder

ThuMtg-Awards-WBartley&SSnyder.jpg (105649 bytes)



Bill Bartley with J. Ed Smith & Steve Snyder

ThuMtg-Awards-SAntosz.jpg (78274 bytes)


C57.12.00 Cert. of Appreciation

Steve Antosz 

with J. Ed Smith

ThuMtg-Awards-PHopkinson.jpg (71122 bytes)


C57.12.00 Cert. of Appreciation

Phil Hopkinson 

with J. Ed Smith

ThuMtg-Awards-DPlatts&SSnyder.jpg (86659 bytes)


C57.12.00 Cert. of Appreciation

Don Platts

with J. Ed Smith and Steve Snyder

ThuMtg-Awards-LWagenaar&SSnyder.jpg (94920 bytes)


C57.12.00 Cert. of Appreciation

J. Ed Smith with Loren Wagenaar and Steve Snyder

ThuMtg-Awards-SSnyder-Group.jpg (103086 bytes)



Don Platts, Bill Bartley, Steve Antosz, Steve Snyder, Phil Hopkinson, Loren Wagenaar and J. Ed Smith

ThuMtg-Awards-EteNyenhuis.jpg (78127 bytes)


TR Loss Measurement Guide

J. Ed Smith & Chair Ed teNyenhuis

ThuMtg-Awards-BPoulin&EteNyenhuis.jpg (101697 bytes)


TR Loss Measurement Guide- Cert. of Appreciation

Bertran Poulin with J. Ed Smith & Ed teNyenhuis

ThuMtg-Awards-TPrevost.jpg (110895 bytes)


Past TC Chair

Tom Prevost with J. Ed Smith

Around Toronto

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