Spring 2011 Meeting

San Diego, California, USA

April 10 - 14, 2011

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Sunday Night Reception

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Florian Costa, Jennifer Yu, Jim Cai

SunRec-GAnderson&JESmith.JPG (106472 bytes)

Greg Anderson & J. Ed Smith

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Tutorials and Meetings

Mon-NewcomersMtg-1.JPG (84317 bytes)

Monday Newcomers Meeting

Mon-NewcomersMtg-2.JPG (93167 bytes)

Monday Newcomers Meeting

Mon-Tutorial-02.JPG (83183 bytes)

Monday Tutorial
Phil Hopkinson

Mon-Tutorial-01.JPG (58405 bytes)

Monday Tutorial 
Phil Wharton

Mon-Tutorial-03.JPG (92072 bytes)

Monday Tutorial
David Buckmaster, Phil Hopkinson, Phil Wharton, Hemchandra Shertukde

Mon-Tutorial-04.JPG (103109 bytes)

Monday Tutorial

Tues-TownHall-01.JPG (100004 bytes)

Tuesday Town Hall 
Al Rotz, Bill Chiu, J. Ed Smith

Tues-TownHall-02.JPG (107691 bytes)

Tuesday Town Hall 
Al Rotz

Tues-TownHall-03.JPG (95398 bytes)

Tuesday Town Hall
Bill Chiu, Ed Smith, Al Rotz

Tues-TownHall-04.JPG (113590 bytes)

Tuesday Town Hall
Brian Klaponski

Thursday Meeting

ThurMtg-01.JPG (90442 bytes)

Bill Bartley, Don Platts, Bill Chiu

ThurMtg-Awards-01.JPG (92605 bytes)

Bill Chiu, Bill Bartley, Mike Lau, Dave Harris, Jim Graham, Chair Gary Hoffman, Craig Stiegemeier, Vice Chair Saurabh Ghosh, Donald Ayers, Charles Garner, Jin Sim, James Harlow

 Revision to C57.12.10

ThurMtg-Awards-RJames.JPG (70023 bytes)

J. Ed Smith, Rowland James

Revision to C57.12.10

ThurMtg-Awards-02.JPG (81430 bytes)

J. Ed Smith, Chair Steve Antosz, Bill Bartley, Bill Chiu, Bertrand Poulin, Ed teNyenhuis

 Revision to C57.12.90

ThurMtg-Awards-03.JPG (94177 bytes)

J. Ed Smith, Bill  Chiu, Don Platts, Peter Balma, Jim Graham, Richard Marek, Tom Lundquist

Revision to C57.12.80

ThurMtg-Awards-BChui.JPG (79258 bytes)

J. Ed Smith, Bill  Chiu

C57.12.00 & C57.12.90

ThurMtg-Awards-C57.139.JPG (81171 bytes)

Bill  Chiu, J. Ed Smith, Dave Vice Chair Wallach, Susan McNelly, James Dukarm

C57. 139

ThurMtg-Awards-DStankes.JPG (59203 bytes)

Dave Stankes, J. Ed Smith

Reaffirmation of IEEE 259

ThurMtg-Awards-PBalma.JPG (100778 bytes)

J. Ed Smith, Peter Balma

Reaffirmation of C57.144

ThurMtg-Awards-XLopez-Fernandez.JPG (87848 bytes)

Xose Lopez-Fernandez, Tom Prevost

New Committee Member

Tuesday Lunch - Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Tues-Lunch-04.JPG (98848 bytes)

Al Rotz, J. Ed Smith, Rob Mayer, Dr. Richard Seymour

Tues-Lunch-05.JPG (77860 bytes)

Rob Mayer, Dr. Richard Seymour, J. Ed Smith

Tues-Lunch-Speaker-1.JPG (85114 bytes)

Dr. Richard Seymour

from Scripps Instituion of Oceanography

Tues-Lunch-06.JPG (73101 bytes)

Al Rotz

Tues-Lunch-RMayer-2.JPG (69864 bytes)

Rob Mayer

Tues-Lunch-01.JPG (132622 bytes) Tues-Lunch-02.JPG (128238 bytes) Tues-Lunch-03.JPG (121648 bytes)

Wednesday Night Social - USS Midway

WedSoc-Midway.JPG (110371 bytes)

The ship

WedSoc-Midway-01.JPG (104853 bytes) WedSoc-Midway-02.JPG (100313 bytes) WedSoc-Midway-03.JPG (124076 bytes) WedSoc-Midway-09.JPG (131856 bytes)
WedSoc-Midway-04.JPG (135420 bytes) WedSoc-Midway-05.JPG (131549 bytes)


WedSoc-Midway-06.JPG (97547 bytes) WedSoc-Midway-07.JPG (106987 bytes) WedSoc-Midway-08.JPG (105405 bytes)
WedSoc-Midway-10.JPG (111336 bytes) WedSoc-Midway-11.JPG (133183 bytes) WedSoc-Midway-13.JPG (115026 bytes) WedSoc-Midway-12.JPG (137150 bytes) WedSoc-Midway-14.JPG (112791 bytes)
WedSoc-Midway-15.JPG (111261 bytes) WedSoc-Midway-21.JPG (103254 bytes) WedSoc-Midway-16.JPG (109543 bytes) WedSoc-Midway-19.JPG (100268 bytes) WedSoc-Midway-20.JPG (121209 bytes)
WedSoc-Midway-18.JPG (81587 bytes)

Hassan Zarmandily, Jane & Phil Hopkinson

WedSoc-Midway-22.JPG (97462 bytes) WedSoc-Midway-23.JPG (89352 bytes) WedSoc-Midway-Bartley&Prevost.JPG (113135 bytes)

Bill Bartley & Tom Prevost

WedSoc-Midway-JGraham.JPG (98514 bytes)

Jim Grahamt

WedSoc-Midway-JTrimble.JPG (95475 bytes)

Josh Trimble

WedSoc-Midway-Ladroga.JPG (120945 bytes)

Rick Ladroga

WedSoc-Midway-Murphys.JPG (88521 bytes)

Bridget & Jerry  Murphy

WedSoc-Midway-Platts.JPG (111987 bytes)

Margo & Don Platts

WedSoc-Midway-Roussell.JPG (128649 bytes)

Marnie Roussell

San Diego Area

Catamaran-1.JPG (268424 bytes)

Catamaran Hotel Parrots

Catamaran-2.JPG (131661 bytes)

Catamaran Hotel Wildlife

Catamaran-7.JPG (90576 bytes)

Catamaran Hotel Dock

HotelCatamaran-Dock.JPG (118670 bytes)

Catamaran Hotel Dock

HotelCatamaran-Dock-2.JPG (72448 bytes)

Catamaran Hotel Dock

SanDiego-DowntownSkyline-1.JPG (99457 bytes)

San Diego Skyline

SanDiego-DowntownSkyline-2.JPG (98512 bytes)

San Diego Skyline

SanDiegoHarbor-03.JPG (101469 bytes)

San Diego Harbor

SanDiegoHarbor-02.JPG (103995 bytes)

San Diego Harbor

SanDiegoHarbor-NavalShips.JPG (102853 bytes)

San Diego - Naval Ships

SanDiegoHarbor-Pelicans.JPG (72900 bytes)

San Diego Harbor - Pelicans

SanDiegoHarbor-Seals.JPG (119393 bytes)

San Diego Harbor - Seals

SD-Area-SoledadParkMonument.JPG (88497 bytes)

Soledad Park Monument

SD-Area-Lighthouse-PtLoma.JPG (121691 bytes)

San Diego - Pt. Loma Lighthouse

SanDiego-StarOfIndia.JPG (110714 bytes)

San Diego - Star of India

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