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64/66 on SONET (RE: AIS (RE: WIS OH))


Thanks for your feedback, but your scenario looks like assuming 
WAN-PHY and is not directly related to my current concern about 
the stand-alone operation of LAN-PHY Attachment Unit.

Therefore I take the liberty to change the thread for my comment 
to your proposal/concern.

As I understand, you have proposed additional trouble-shooting 
capability other than SONET-compatible OAM&P by defining new 
payload mapping rule during the fault situations, assuming the 
Ether-on-SONET style packet delineation.  Also you claim 64B/66B 
on SONET could not support such a trouble-shooting capability.

I am not yet convinced why we need such a trouble-shooting 
capability beyond SONET-compatible OAM&P.  However if the community 
agree to supporting it as WAN-PHY functionality, it is easy to be 
implemented even in 64B/66B on SONET; just defining another LSS 
control code.

Therefore I DO support 64B/66B on SONET.

Best Regards,

At 05:38 00/06/10 -0500, Roy Bynum wrote:
> Part of my presentation in Ottawa covered just such a scenario without 
> the need for SONET overhead processing at the PHY.  Please see "local 
> and remote link failure indication" on page 9 of 
> Unfortunately, 64B/66B will not support this.  Block coding can not 
> support any of the remote trouble shooting functionality that service 
> providers are used to have available.  Howard Frazier made a comment 
> to this effect at the Ottawa meeting.  This lack of functionality is 
> one of the primary reasons that I continue to not support 64B66B.

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