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RE: Break Link and Remote Fault

Title: RE: Break Link and Remote Fault

I agree there was some FUD implying LSS was a form of AN, however the main point I heard against LSS was it's use of Inter Packet Gap (IPG).  The 802.3 has resisted the use of IPG for anything, time and time again.  I do not see positive movement on supporting LSS as long as it is done in the IPG. 

If there was a way to take LSS out of the IPG - define a special MAC frame, say, it would likely gain favor. 


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Subject: Re: Break Link and Remote Fault

I agree with the comment. I think this is fairly simple. Moreover this
mechanism is so
easy to adopt for usage in dark fiber cases, if and when we want.


At 11:34 PM 7/15/00 -0700, you wrote:

>Thanks for taking this direction, I believe it's the right one. The LSS
>did very well at the La Jolla meeting in spite of the FUD (Fear,
>Uncertainty and
>Doubt) use to confuse as significant number of members of the P802.3ae
>committee. This is clearly evident in the voting results on the LSS proposal:
>Yes: 55, No: 32, Abstain: 43. The voting results show that 63.2% of 802.3
>are in favor of the proposal and 33% of all voters abstaining. Also noteworthy
>is that the highest abstention percentage for any other Logic track motion was
>on the SUPI vote, for which 21.2% of all voters abstained.
>Among the FUD that targeted the LSS proposal was the comparison to
>Auto-Negotiation. This can't be farther from the truth. Auto-Negotiation is a
>handshake protocol including timeouts, acknowledgments, and multiple possible
>responses to any request. LSS employs no handshakes whatsoever and employs
>simple and continuous side A to side B signaling while a particular condition
>Another FUD element was the argument stating that there is no P802.3ae
>for either Remote Fault or Break Link. I'd like to point out that there is
>little correspondence between objectives and actual functions and
>features. For
>example, there is no objective to perform link initialization, but clearly
>is a necessary function. I assume that there is a desire to include Break Link
>and Remote Fault functionality in P802.3ae, objective or not.
>LSS employs simple word oriented signaling at the Physical layer and may be
>transported by all LAN interfaces. In addition to Break Link and Remote Fault,
>LSS possesses the flexibility to be used to transport LAN OAM&P
>information. It
>just doesn't get much simpler than this. I strongly encourage any
>simplifications to LSS protocol.
>Best Regards,
>"Brown, Ben [BAY:NHBED:DS48]" wrote:
> >
> > Hi,
> >
> > The LSS proposal was not initially accepted to be part
> > of draft D1.0. The opponents of this proposal felt that
> > this was too complicated a method for reporting Break
> > Link and Remote Fault. Since I've heard many times on
> > this reflector and in the meetings that, if a proposal
> > is going to be shot down a substitute should be made to
> > take its place, I'd like to request just such a substitute.
> >
> > Another thing to remember. According to Jonathan's
> > schedule, this was the "last new proposals" meeting.
> > I'll be interested to hear proposals for break link
> > and remote fault reporting that do not include major
> > new ideas.
> >
> > Thanks,
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