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Tactile Internet Working Group

This project is sponsored by the IEEE Communications Society/Standards Development Board (COM/SDB)

Title: Tactile Internet: Application Scenarios, Definitions and Terminology, Architecture, Functions, and Technical Assumptions

Scope: This standard defines a framework for the Tactile Internet, including descriptions of various application scenarios, definitions and terminology, functions, and technical assumptions. This framework prominently also includes a reference model and architecture, which defines common architectural entities, interfaces between those entities, and the mapping of functions to those entities. The Tactile Internet encompasses mission critical applications (e.g., manufacturing, transportation, healthcare and mobility), as well as non-critical applications (e.g., edutainment and events).

Purpose: This standard facilitates the rapid realization of the Tactile Internet as a 5G and beyond application, across a range of different user groups. Additionally, it provides the groundwork upon which the Tactile Internet will be formed. To this end, this standard creates a baseline for a pioneering range of further standards that will be created under this working group realizing the key necessary technical capabilities of the Tactile Internet.

Need for the Project: The Tactile Internet presents acutely challenging requirements, in terms of latency, reliability, security, and likely others such as the density of users, devices and links. The Tactile Internet is also highly multi-disciplinary, requiring consideration of aspects outside of the scope of communications technology. While there is broad standardization of 5G technology ongoing under the efforts of the 3GPP, IEEE, ETSI and others, which aim to set the structures in place to realize a range of challenging applications, there are not standards addressing the multi-disciplinary nature of the Tactile Internet or considering the precise challenging mix of requirements that the Tactile Internet entails. This standard, and the following additional standards that will be formed at a later stage under this working group, addresses such aspects.

How to Participate?

If you wish to participate in this new IEEE standards working group, please proceed through the following steps:

  1. Go to: http://development.standards.ieee.org,
  2. Log in with your IEEE user name and password, making sure "myProject" is selected in the drop-down box,
  3. Click "Manage Activity Profile",
  4. Click the "+" next to "IEEE Communications Society", then the "+" next to "Mobile Communication Networks Standards Committee",
  5. Click the check box next to "Tactile Internet",
  6. Click "CONTINUE",
  7. Enter your affiliation,
  8. Confirm the prompt on the next page.

Please also email Oliver Holland to inform that you have done this. The "Subject" field of your email should be "Joined Tactile Internet".

After following these steps, you will be added to the mailing list and will be kept updated on future meetings and participation means. Should you wish to fast-track your addition to the mailing list (or if you are not an IEEE member), you can also click on the "Public email reflector" link in the left menu, and follow the instructions there to be added.

Working Group Officers

Oliver Holland

Vice Chair
Meryem Simsek

Sharief Oteafy

Asst. Secretary
Vijay Rao

Web Chair
Kishor Chandra Joshi

IEEE Staff Liaison
Soo Kim

Venkatesha Prasad