IEEE 802.11 Photographs


The current officer photos may be seen here.


TGmd Awards Photographs (January 2023)
TGax Awards Photographs (January 2023)
TGay Awards Photographs (January 2023)
TGba Awards Photographs (January 2023)
TGaz Awards Photographs (May 2023)
TGbd Awards Photographs (May 2023)


Waikoloa Group Photo (September 2019)


Awards Recognition Ceremony (January 2018)
Adrian Stephens Recognition Ceremony (May 2018)
TGaj Awards Ceremony (July 2018)
Waikoloa Group Photo (September 2018)
TGak Awards Ceremony (September 2018)
TGaq Awards Ceremony (September 2018)


IEEE-SA Awards Ceremony (December 2017)
Waikoloa Group Photo
TGmc Awards Ceremony
TGai Awards Ceremony
TGah Awards Ceremony


Waikoloa Group Photo
Student Paper Contest Winner


25th Anniversary Celebration


TGac Awards Ceremony
TGaf Awards Ceremony
Bruce Kraemer Recognition Ceremony
Group Photo
2014-05 Social
2014-05 TGaj Group Photo
2014-09 Social (TGaj Group and Athens Social)


TGad Awards Ceremony


TGmb (802.11-2012) Awards Ceremony
TGae Awards Ceremony
TGaa Awards Ceremony

TGaj inaugral session, Beijing, China (201209)


TGu Awards Ceremony
TGv Awards Ceremony
TGs Awards Ceremony


IEEE 802 30th Anniversary Celebrations
TGw Awards Ceremony
TGn Awards Ceremony
TGp Awards Ceremony
IEEE 802.11 20th Anniversary Celebrations

Earlier IEEE 802.11


2003 Fort Lauderdale
2000 Israel (Tel Aviv)SocialTours
1999 November, Kaui: 1 2 3 Group Photo
1999 Sept, Santa Rosa: 1 2 Celebration
1999 May, Chiba Japan
1999 Orlando
1999 Awards1999 Awards (continued), 1999 PC-Mag Award
1998 Utrecht
1997 Maui
1997 Melbourne
1991 Kaui
1991 Gaithersburg


A Picture from 1990, of the VERY FIRST Social Meeting of the IEEE P802.11 Working Group.

Showing an informal gathering at the residence of the host, Orest Storoshchuk. 

Our special thanks go to Don Johnson for finding this picture.

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