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[STDS-802-11] Fwd: [802-ALL] IEEE 802 Public Visibility Webinars - 20 Jan 2021

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Please see the upcoming 802 wired and wireless webinar events described below.



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Date: Tue, Jan 19, 2021 at 6:00 AM
Subject: [802-ALL] IEEE 802 Public Visibility Webinars - 20 Jan 2021
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As part of IEEE 802’s on-going public visibility activities, several of our WG Chairs will be doing webinars with Paul Nikolich, IEEE 802 Chair, tomorrow 20 Jan, 2021. 


Please feel free to share the information below with your colleagues and help promote IEEE 802’s public visibility efforts.




John D’Ambrosia

Chair, IEEE 802 Public Visibility

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Webinar #1

20 Jan 2021, 9am ET – IEEE 802 Networking Standards – State of Ethernet



Speakers include:

  • David Law, Chair, IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Working Group
  • Paul Nikolich, Chair, IEEE 802 LMSC


Part of IEEE Educational Activities –


With a history spanning nearly 50 years, the IEEE 802.3 Ethernet standard has provided the wired technologies that have helped create the hyper-connected networked world of today. There are currently Ethernet solutions for rates spanning 10 Mb/s to 400 Gb/s across a broad array of copper and optical fiber mediums that support the multitudes of applications that are typical in everyone’s personal and professional lives. Additionally, the IEEE 802.3 Working Group has just formed a study group to begin consideration of Ethernet beyond 400 Gb/s. From its role in supporting the demands of hyper scale data centers to the infrastructure that supports today’s Wi-FI deployments, Ethernet is there, many times in the background where users are unaware of its role.


The longevity of Ethernet can be attributed to its success in being able to meet the next generation demands of applications that are based on Ethernet, as well as new emerging applications seeking to leverage Ethernet. As Ethernet continues to succeed in these application spaces, it has created a portfolio and a rich history in diversity and evolution.


This informal talk will explore:

  • An overview of today’s Ethernet family of solutions;
  • Discussion of today’s different application spaces that depend on Ethernet;
  • The future of Ethernet.



Webinar #2

20 Jan 2021, 11am to 12pm, ET – IEEE 802 Standards – Connecting the World; Part II – Wireless Standards



Speakers include:

  • Dorothy Stanley, Chair, IEEE 802.11 Working Group
  • Pat Kinney, Chair, IEEE 802.15 Working Group
  • Paul Nikolich, Chair, IEEE 802 LMSC


Part of IEEE Computer Society -Standards Activities Board Webinar Series -


The technical standards created by the IEEE 802 Local Area Networking / Metropolitan Area Network Standards Committee (LMSC) over the past 40 years have been essential in enabling suppliers of data communications components, products, systems and services to be delivered economically and at an immense scale. The vast, ubiquitous, mostly hidden, data communications infrastructure of the Internet, both wired and wireless, relies on technologies and protocols that have been specified and continually updated by a dedicated group of engineers in the IEEE 802 LMSC.

In the second of this two-part series, Paul Nikolich, the Chair of the IEEE 802 LMSC, will explore 802’s wireless family of standards, with Dorothy Stanley, Chair of the IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN Working Group and Pat Kinney, Chair of the IEEE 802.15 Wireless Specialty Networks Working Group. The breadth of the 802 wireless family and its future will be explored.

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